KME Architectural Solutions TECU® Design_punch Metal Perforated and embossed sheet for facade


TECU® Design_punch By KME Architectural Solutions


Metal Perforated and embossed sheet for facade

Perforations offer a wide range of possibilities for distinctive designs using TECU® materials.‎ Different levels of transparency can be created, ranging from the almost completely transparent to the subtly translucent.‎ The effect created by backlit façades can be precisely managed by the use of different TECU® materials combined with a range of perforation patterns.‎ Moreover, the possibilities for using perforated copper cladding as a decorative element in interiors are practically unlimited.‎ Perforations in copper inspire architects and planners to new creative works, for new visions in surface design and innovative applications of the versatile TECU® products.‎ The perforation of the TECU® surfaces takes place after the strips of copper and copper alloys are produced, by means of stamping.‎ The blanked-out pieces are fed directly back into the recycling process.‎ The stamping process does not in any way affect the tried and tested qualities of TECU® products; they remain easy to work, long-lasting and economical.‎

In the KME Design Collection, copper in its natural or treated versions passes through the various stages of oxidation, to become an ever-evolving, “living” material.‎ KME Design not only presents the copper surface in all its countless variants, it also enriches the collection with a series of alloys for further applications and innovative aesthetic effects.‎
Diverse textures and finishes complete copper’s sensuous physical impact, giving rise to a wide array of solutions for interiors endowed with a translucent, lively, refined effect.‎ Perforated surfaces, mesh and flatmesh sheets, interlaced coloured copper for delicately crafted fabrics, three-dimensional patterns… And in addition to all this, innovative surface treatments yielding the effect you personally desire: opaque, scratched, brushed, burnished, and even more.‎
With the KME Design Collection, KME copper is the new leading material for interior decoration.‎
The precious and lively palette offered by KME Design is but the first step toward new vistas enabling creative architects and designers to achieve unique interiors… A collection that grows daily, and will unveil new customized surfaces and products to suit all tastes and project requirements.‎ Timeless and perfectly in stride with our times, copper enlivens every home in which it enters, giving it a distinctive and refined touch.‎ Discover KME copper.‎

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670 x 2000 - 1000 x 2000 mm
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TECU® Design Collection by KME Architectural Solutions
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