Kriskadecor SPACE DIVIDER - STRAIGHT FIXED Aluminium chain curtain




Aluminium chain curtain

Kriskadecor’s straight space divider is a versatile solution to create different ambients easily but also allows an open space once it is folded.‎ It is possible to reproduce images or patterns along all the chains area so the result is a unique and completely customized project.‎ Besides, chain shaping it is also available to create even a more dramatic effect.‎

Due to its own patented machinery, it is possible to reproduce images, patterns and logos as every link of the mesh acts as a pixel.‎ Also, images’ definition can be adapted to standard resolution by using Kriska links or a high defined imagine by using the small and smart Snina, which offers a more accurate resolution.‎

The quantity of light or density can be adapted to each requirement by using the standard strand spacing or the half-drop one to create the light effect or the sense of intimacy desired.‎ It is also possible to use an inferior fastening so the strand do not move, chain linking so the strand become a metallic fabric or even chain shaping by trimming of the chains creating required shapes.‎

This partition walls can be curved but also straight or undulated with fixed and mobile systems.‎ Small aluminium links are the essence of Kriskadecor, that is why their material is so light, also required structures are carefully considered so the project can be easily installed.‎

Material: aluminium chain
Shape: Straight
System: Fixed structure
Colours: Various colours
Link’s type: Kriska

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