L&L Luce&Light Moby P 2.1

Outdoor floodlight / underwater lamp

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Moby P 2.1


Outdoor floodlight / underwater lamp



Moby is an LED lighting fixture from L&L Luce&Light that reinvents permanent underwater lighting in an entirely original way. The product comes in three sizes, three powers (9W, 20W, 30W) and two application categories: IP68-rated recessed spotlights and projectors, for fountains and swimming pools, at depths of up to 10 m. Thanks to the innovative version with a vitrified, serigraphic glass trim and up to 16-mm of thickness, this device is extremely resistant to knocks, and perfect for installations in salt water. Moby builds 22°, 34°, 62°, 31°x64° optics.
Moby’s other feature is the opportunity it provides to play with light in the different shades of cyan: blending the LED colors of green and blue to produce lighting that passes from turquoise to azure to aquamarine. Use it to create chromotherapy or scenography effects to suit the needs of your project. It is also available in the usual 2700K, 3000K and 4000K white light, and in RGBW, to give the water iridescent tones, or to accent statues or decorative elements.
Moby is the ideal solution for spas and wellness centers also because of the materials used in its body. Technopolymer and polypropylene dissipate heat very efficiently while protecting the device from moisture and from the highly corrosive substances found in the water: chlorine (in swimming pools), Sulphur (in spas), and sodium chloride and other salts (in the sea).
The recessed version can also be installed in swimming pools with liners. In this case, a kit is available that consists of an accessory to add to the outer casing.
The variety of fixture versions available, the quality and high resistance of the materials used, and the different LED colors mean that Moby and Moby P are very versatile solutions, ideal for sports centers, private residences and accommodation facilities.

Projector for underwater applications (not suitable for use in salt water);   surface mounted (wall, ground); body in technopolymer; trim in glass, screen in extra-clear tempered glass; bracket in AISI 316L stainless steel; finishes: glass3 power LEDs groups, RGBW: 3 RGBW LEDs groups, Cyan: 3 Cyan LEDs groups;20W - 24Vdc;includes 5 m neoprene cable, H05RN-F 2x1,00 Ø6.8 mm; RGBW-cyan: includes 5 m FEP+PCP cable (equivalent to H05RN-F cable), 6x0,50 Ø6.3 mm;delivered lumen output: 1078 lm (3000K, 34°), RGBW: 626 lm, R: 97 lm, G: 184 lm, B: 48 lm, W: 297 lm (4000K, 34°), cyan: 552 lm (34°);optics: 22°, 34°, 62°, 31°x64°;LED colour: white - 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; RGBW; shades of cyan;  ingress protection: IP68; impact resistance: IK10; equipped with IPS; equipped with NTC; screen temperature: max 40°C (Ta 25°C); Glow Wire Test: 960°; photobiological safety: risk group 1 in accordance with EN62471:2006; appliance class: III; weight 2,47 kg; dimming using a dimmable power supply unit or a dimmer; accessories: honeycomb louvre WH0402

Further info from manufacturer on Moby P 2.1
Ø155x173 mm
Dimensions Moby P 2.1

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