L&L Luce&Light Bright 2.4 Recessed for outdoor applications


Bright 2.4 By L&L Luce&Light


Recessed for outdoor applications

Recessed for outdoor applications (not suitable for immersion in swimming pools or fountains); drive-over up to 2000 kg; recessed (ceiling, wall, ground); body in AISI 316L stainless steel or black anodized aluminium, trim in AISI 316L stainless steel or aluminium, screen in tempered, transparent extra-clear glass, screen in extra-clear tempered, sandblasted glass (diffuse optics); finishes: stainless steel, grey; 1 power LED High Intensity; RGB: 3 power LEDs; 5W, 7W - 24Vdc; RGB: max 5W - max 500mA; includes 1,5 m neoprene cable, H05RN-F 2x0,75/0,75 Ø6,3 mm; RGB: includes 1,5 m FEP+PCP cable (equivalent to H05RN-F cable) 6x0,50/0,50 Ø6,3 mm; delivered lumen output: 352 lm (3000K, 34°, 5W, CRI 80), 284 lm (3000K, 34°, 5W, CRI 90), 463 lm (3000K, 34°, 7W, CRI 80), 374 lm (3000K, 34°, 7W, CRI 90), RGB: 191 lm (R: 70 lm, G: 90 lm, B: 31 lm); optics: asymmetrical 8°, 8°, 11°, 17°, 21° sharp, 34°, 45°, 47°, 61° sharp, 68°, 13°x52°, diffuse; RGB: 20°, 34°, 45°, 21°x42°; LED colour: white - 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; RGB; ingress protection: IP68, IP69K; impact resistance: IK10; equipped with IPS and PID; operating temperature: -20°C+45°C; screen temperature: max 40°C (Ta 25°C); Glow Wire Test: 960°; photobiological safety: risk group 1 in accordance with EN62471:2006; appliance class: III; weight 0,33 kg (aluminium trim) 0,44 kg (stainless steel trim); body dimensions Ø85x63 mm; cut-out size Ø70 mm; overall volume Ø180x120 mm; dimming using a dimmable power supply unit; accessories: outer casing WC0100, outer casing WC0103, fixing springs WG0100, honeycomb louvre WH0201, semi-diffusing screen, half transparent and half frosted WE0400A, anti-glare screen, half transparent and half serigraphed black WE0400S

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