Lago LAGOLINEA Wall-mounted sectional wooden bookcase


LAGOLINEA | Bookcase By Lago


Wall-mounted sectional wooden bookcase

Manufacture year


Argilla lacquer.‎

The LagoLinea system has a slim, lightweight graphic profile, designed to offer maximum expressive freedom on the wall and create continuity between the bedroom and living area.‎A single line, 30-mm-thick, outlines, narrates and contains in a single gesture, like a mark on a sheet of paper.‎LagoLinea is what remains after reducing to a minimum the 30-mm grid shelving that Lago started out with in 2006.‎The slenderness of the shelving makes it possible to suspend it from its sides, thus eliminating every barrier to free expression.‎It is an original way of telling a story with a gesture expressive of the personality of anyone using its geometric alphabet.‎With the LagoLinea modules, you can furnish your walls in an original way, creating figurative or classic outlines, always characterised by extreme lightness.‎LagoLinea WeightlessLagolinea Weightless emerged from an unusual exploration of the LagoLinea system.‎ It is an absolutely new way of conceiving furniture, where it is hung from the ceiling so that it comes down like a stalactite.‎ The effect it creates is of extreme suspension.‎There are three kinds of backs available for LagoLinea Weightless: extra-clear glass, which accentuates the effect of transparency, lacquered glass and lacquered wood.‎An elegant, original solution for organising and dividing space is to use the system in the centre of the room, with one side of the suspended structure as a shiny glass wall and the other as sculptural shelving.‎

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L//W 277,4 - A//H 372 - P//D 24,8 cm

LagoLinea Collection by Lago
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