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ET VOILÀ | Wardrobe




Fabric, Wood

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Et Voilà is a wardrobe system that developed out of the desire to rewrite the paradigm of containment and introduce new ways of using furniture that integrate fabric as a structural and aesthetic element, eliminating what seemed inescapably essential: the door.A taut piece of fabric closes the volume, completely doing away with the perception of doors. It almost seems like a magic box, where the undefined surface gives the person looking at it a sense of disorientation.The classic lacquered and glass doors have disappeared and in their place we find a single fabric door, its length extending over that of the entire structure.The fabric lets you enclose infinite surfaces and, thanks to the reduction in weight resulting from using less panelling, you can even suspend the wardrobe from the ceiling.In the Weightless version, Et Voilà is a lightweight, ethereal wardrobe and an excellent alternative to traditional wardrobes, especially in small bedrooms.The Et Voilà system can be set up in various areas of the house, as easily in the bedroom as in the living room. It can be configured according the room you put it in.On its own, without enclosing a volume, the Et Voilà fabric is excellent in the middle of the room as a space divider.

A vast swath of taut fabric replaces the doors, eliminating the perception of the wardrobe, which disappears and becomes a reined fabric wall. With a simple gesture, Et Voilà surprises, revealing a spacious interior fully laid bare by the end-to-end opening of the door. Designable to the millimetre, it lets you easily change the look of the room and contributes quiet thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. Silent sliding systems on invisible tracks and a special technical fabric ensure resistance to dust and to the wear of opening and closing the door.

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