SIPARIO | Auditorium seats

Fabric auditorium seats

  • Design by R&D Lamm

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SIPARIO | Auditorium seats By LAMM


Fabric auditorium seats



Manufacture year

Sipario is a fabric auditorium seats by LAMM.‎

History and innovation
This absolute classic has been revamped and rejoins Lamm's product range.‎ As well the infinite number of technical/structural improvements made, this armchair has expanded with a number of versions and varieties that will satisfy a whole host of design requirements for theatres, auditoriums and conference halls.‎

Design and technology
The understated style, upholstery, finishes and manufacturing technologies employed make this a high-quality chair.‎ Pleasant and very comfy, it can be customised in all kinds of ways, both in terms of design and materials and accessories.‎

Available in “Standard” or “Large” with a larger backrest and wider side part.‎
All versions are available with sides reaching down to the floor, or set on a beam with 2-3 seats that link together in a row.‎ They can be installed on horizontal, sloped or inclined floors in straight rows, or curved rows for armchairs with sides reaching down to the floor (minimum radius of 8 metres).‎

Seat and backrest
Fully upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather, these have a multi-layered inner part padded with non-deformable and flame-retardant polyurethane foam.‎
Two different types of backrest ensure that spectators have the perfect view from the stalls and gallery.‎ For the Standard version, a curved backrest is also available.‎
The seat, with gravity-driven tip-up mechanism, features steel hinge pins fixed to the structure.‎

Padded and upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather, or complete with a visible wood finish, these have a steel load-bearing inner structure equipped with an aluminium block for inserting the seat’s hinge and support pins.‎ They can also be fitted with padded or painted-wood armrests.‎
Fixed to the floor with pressed sheet-metal feet, or with steel tubes for the beam-mounted 2-3 seat version.‎ Both coated with anti-scratch epoxy-polyester powders.‎ With the beam-mounted version, sides are available with side panels that rest on the beam, while the side parts at either end of the row reach down to the floor.‎

Tip-up writing tablet on single-base mod.‎ T200.‎
Tip-up foldaway writing tablet
Row identification and seat numbering element
Provision for electric power supply (socket on demand)
Painted wood high backrest panel
Painted wood low backrest panel
Painted wood under seat panel.‎
When not in use, the armchairs can be moved away on wheels.‎

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