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In order to enjoy your outdoor time to the fullest, choosing the right type of lighting is essential in order to make the space functional and usable. For diffused light scenes, suitable for creating suggestive outdoor atmospheres, it is possible to use special models of outdoor lanterns. These elements have a structure mostly made of wood or metal, and glass closures that allow to obtain soft light effects completing the outdoor furniture with products able to integrate and enhance the surrounding furnishing accessories. The design of this type of product allows to respond to the dual function of lighting and furnishing at the same time. To be placed beside tracks and walkways to trace paths in a suggestive way or to be included in the living area to contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of a corner dedicated to relaxation.

The magic of outdoor lanterns

When choosing an outdoor lantern, the design of the product to be integrated with the other furnishing accessories must be taken into account. The outdoor lanterns are available in many variations to choose from depending on the context and style of outdoor furniture. In the case of a covered space, a suspended lantern allows you to transform and reinvent a dark corner. On the other hand, if lanterns from the ground are preferred, wooden lanterns are able to fit discreetly into a natural environment. A wooden and glass lantern is also perfect for the terrace of a beach house. Otherwise, glass lanterns blend in well with both a classic style and a modern outdoor furniture style.

Outdoor lanterns for unique atmospheres

Outdoor lanterns allow you to create unique atmospheres, decorating outdoor spaces in a suggestive way. The soft light of the lanterns enriches the environment creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, which makes it pleasant to spend time outdoor in the evening. Lanterns are versatile design elements, suitable for both gardens and balconies and terraces. With materials and plays of light, the lanterns contribute to the outdoor atmosphere allowing you to complete the outdoor furniture with a personal touch. For example, ethnic style lanterns dress the exterior with an exotic touch, while for the beach house the use of white wood and rope lanterns are particularly impressive. A porch is the typical setting for wooden lanterns, for a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Furnishing with lanterns: plays of light and mix of materials

The lanterns give a romantic touch to outdoor environments. With plays of light and a mix of materials, the lanterns help to create a soft lighting that contributes to the final rendering of the furniture project. From the modern design of metal lanterns to classic proposals that evoke traditional shapes, the available models can be integrated without any problem into any outdoor furniture project.

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