Laundry and household cleaning

The laundry room is a functional room that contributes to the efficient organization of the space in a house. The laundry furniture includes a number of elements and appliances designed with an aim to make this room user-friendly, at the same time furnishing it with complements that tie together aesthetics and functionality. In the first place, a laundry can never be missed in a laundry room, at times accompanied by a dryer. In recent times washer dryers have become popular as they serve a double purpose, all in one appliance.

How to furnish a functional laundry room

It is a luxury to have a space designated as a laundry room, although this is more common in large size apartments or in secondary bathrooms where the space allows to destine at least par of it to this purpose. A laundry room furnishing project should contemplate the available space and consider complements that help making the room more functional, while aesthetically catchy at the same time, no matter if we are speaking of a service area. Laundry room cabinets come in diverse options. The current tendency is to prefer cabinets that integrate the laundry and the dryer and can be equipped with hinged doors with an aim to conceal the appliances and protect them from dust. The furniture that are specifically conceived for the laundry are also supplied with accessories and options that allow to also hide the ironing board away and keep all items and needed cleaning products well arranged.

Utility sinks: a vintage element that is back in fashion

It is compulsory to have a washbasin in the laundry room, or even better, a utility sink, generally in ceramic and characterized by a deep basin. Here too, the aim is twofold: on the one hand, this complement is useful for pre-soaking delicate clothes for hand wash; on the other, it guarantees direct access to a faucet and easily fill a sink to mop. The shape of utility sinks can take inspiration from that of more traditional basins, feature or not a scrub board, or have a more contemporary look with sharp lines and limited thickness. The latter are widely recommended if the space is used for multiple purposes, like in the case of a secondary bathroom that are also used as laundry rooms. The utility sink with its larger size when compared to a traditional washbasin, will demand for attention, thus contributing to set the overall mood of the room. Utility sinks can be directly wall-mounted or laid on a cabinet with hinged doors where to store cleaning products and other accessories.

Complements and small appliances for household chores

Being a service room, the laundry room can also be equipped with accessories and complements that add to the room furniture project. The market offers today drying racks, iron boards, hampers and accessories for the space organization that besides being handy are also pretty to look at. In a similar way, this multi-purpose room can be the place where to store several items and small appliances used for cleaning up, some of which are used daily, others less frequently and that because of that need a storage space of their own, possibly hidden in a cabinet; these are for instance the broom, vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, steam cleaner and the many accessories that help keeping everything clean and tidy.

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