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Laundry containers

The laundry container is an object that can ensure maximum hygiene, allowing you to stock dirty clothing and then to store them inside the washing machine. Until a few years ago, laundry containers were standard and very similar to each other. However, nowadays this product has been revisited to fit into any context of furniture, becoming a real object of design. There are many models available, with different colors, materials and fantasy. This allows you to furnish the laundry or the bathroom, reassessing a complement that is no longer only functional, but also aesthetically satisfactory, able to enrich the furniture of the room and offering many possibilities for customization.

A laundry basket to furnish a laundry space

When choosing a laundry container, it is essential to take into account the material in order to combine it effectively with the surrounding furnishing style. For example, the wicker laundry container is one of the most used, due to the pleasant effect obtained through the various handmade weaves. Obviously the object must be lined internally with removable cotton. On the other hand, the plastic laundry container is chosen for its practicality: it can be cleaned easily and proves to be resistant and durable over time. However, a wooden laundry container is ideal if you want an object that can hold the clothes to be washed and furnish a space in classic style. Cotton or canvas can be used to cover an aluminium structure, which can be completely closed when required, allowing a lot of space to be saved.

Bathroom linen rack: a space-saving solution

If you decide to set up a small laundry area in the bathroom, you will need a laundry rack that can meet both practical criteria and aesthetic characteristics. This element will be useful to maintain a certain order and to make the environment to be furnished welcoming. Without a bath towel rack it would not be possible to efficiently manage the various activities related to cleaning. It can be extremely practical and functional and is also a furnishing accessory that can make every space much smarter. There are different types of bathroom linen holders, but the classic one is always the wooden model, light and discreet.

Not only functional: laundry containers for a unique and personal furnishing

Bathroom laundry containers are essential. Given the attention paid to bathroom furniture, the laundry container can no longer be considered a simple plastic container, but must also be chosen according to the design of the model. The most common in this sense are the Corian® laundry containers, chosen for the particularity of the material. The shape, as well as the material, can vary: it is possible to find cylindrical linen containers but also with squared shapes.

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