Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with stone effect


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Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with stone effect


Porcelain stoneware

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EARTH is an indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with stone effect.‎
this seductive mineral texture conveys both the primordial power of nature and the slow succession of geological eras.‎ The result is a captivating palette of greys and beiges, featuring a widespread golden mottled effect, colourful inclusions and large, jagged veins.‎ A ceramic stone with bold character and decorative, sometimes spectacular style, Earth features mostly Italian natural references, which it recolours in an original and convincing way.‎

Five outstanding aesthetic models that celebrate the charm and unpredictable beauty of nature.‎ Anthology’s standout features include three surface finishes, which are available in a ll 9.‎5 mm-thick sizes.‎ Each features a precisely aligned graphic design and surface structure: the colour mix and the tactile texture respond to the light in unison, reaching extreme levels of realism.‎

Anthology is a new and astonishing collection of ideal ceramic stone resulting from the calibrated fusion of numerous extraordinary natural references.‎ The harmonious combination of various types of marble and stone with opposite styles results in five splendid new and original mineral forms that express five strong and unmistakable personalities.‎

The technical and aesthetic qualities of Lea Ceramiche porcelain stoneware make Anthology a catalogue of original and distinctive design solutions suited to any architectural project.‎ Versatile and resistant, these ceramic surfaces are easy to sanitise and, thanks to their integrated Protect® antibacterial technology, they eliminate up to 99.‎9% of bacteria.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ANTHOLOGY - EARTH LEA CERAMICHE
30x60cm - 12”x24” / t: 9,5mm
60x60cm - 24”x24” / t: 9,5mm
60x120cm - 24”x48” / t: 9,5mm
60x120cm - 24”x48” / t: 20mm
14,5x49,8cm - 545/64”x191/2”
30x60 cm - 12”x24”
30x30 cm - 12”x12”
29x31 cm - 12”x12”
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Anthology Collection by LEA CERAMICHE
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