LEA CERAMICHE MASTERPIECE Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles




Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Masterpiece blends limited elements that can develop unlimited combinations.‎ It's an alphabet of colours and materials, a sequence of adjustable notes that can compose an endless range of melodies.‎ Masterpiece is a palette inviting its interpreters to design and create projects that are unique yet sharing an underlying common thread of character, distinction, and creativity, that bear witness to the collection’s ability to narrate the designer's vision.‎

Two different crafted surfaces: Master, inspired by cement, and Piece, inspired by seminato flooring, which can be freely combined or used separately.‎

The Master surface (cement) draws inspiration from a structured composition of artefacts obtained through techniques involving mixing of different materials that have been selected and rendered graphically homogenous.‎ The result is a grainy type of cement rich in micro-aggregates that provide material depth and movement, in which each surface possesses a unique design feature.‎ This is no neutral, one-dimensional surface.‎ Every colour offers diverse nuances that provide it with motion and variety.‎ There are five colours available: Master White, a light-coloured solution with a powdery appearance; Master Sand, a proposal leaning towards beige; Master Gray, with a medium-gray hue typical of cement; Master Coal, a surface with darker tones closer to anthracite; Master Brown, with the intense tones of earthenware.‎ The cement surface is devised for both interior and outdoor areas (except for the Brown version, which is suitable for interiors): a solution capable of responding to any demand in terms of design and performance.‎

Featuring micro-fragments densely embedded in the body of the product that are also visible on the tile edge, the seminato flooring Piece offers a finely elaborated surface material, three-dimensional and rich.‎
In this case as well, the collection includes five variations, which can be perfectly combined with the cement effect tiles.‎ Three surprising hues that interpret trendy colours - Piece Siena, Piece Alpi, Piece Moka – in addition to Piece Light and Piece Dark.‎ In the first four solutions, the fragments are light-coloured, but in the last one, they are black, in order to provide a ton sur ton effect with a robust and well-defined personality.‎ Seminato is the ideal composition for the most coveted and refined indoor spaces.‎

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Natural (Master and Piece): 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm
Grip (Master): 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm
L2 (Master): 60x120 cm

Thickness: 9 mm
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Masterpiece Collection by LEA CERAMICHE
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