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Thermal concrete block


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ES 38/14


Thermal concrete block

The quality of the product starts with the raw material.‎ The company produces the blocks using only the chips from PEFC certified spruce, only raw material that guarantees high quality standards; sawdust and dust are removed with special vibrating screens.‎
The petrified wood chips are mixed with “Portland” cement, and then printed and dried naturally, so as to obtain a fully ecological block that does not burn, does not rot, is highly breathable and has high thermal and acoustic insulation.‎ For purely acoustic blocks, the density is further increased.‎

In bio-construction, every bit of building material is evaluated in all its features, not just the physical ones (durability, workability, commitment), in addition, attention is also paid to the toxicity and environmental impact.‎
This is why Legnobloc s.‎ r.‎ l.‎ is continually looking for environmentally friendly products and proposes a new range of products in the “Green Line”section , made up of:
• WOOD-CEMENT BLOCKS with added ecological insulating inserts of different types and characteristics such as: REED, SHEEP WOOL, CORK, WOOD FIBRE, FIBRE HEMP, ROCKWOOL.‎
• WOOD-CONCRETE MIDAZOLAN FLOOR SLABS always insulated with the same ecological materials listed above, with the exception of the SHEEP WOOL and ROCKWOOL, creating the hollow flooring block resting on the bottom.‎

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