Light letters

Chosen individually or to compose words, light letters are one of the main trends in home decor, a sort of playful creativity that makes thoughts visible and open to be shared in your home space. The technological complexity of these lighting engineering products goes hand in hand with the elemental alphanumeric language in an infinite abacus of possible choices; from the gigantic light up letters that alone can add character and adorn a space, to the smaller one, allowing to compose messages, at times explanatory of the purpose of the same space where they are placed.

“Lettering”: Enrich your space with light letters

The ever more popular practice of decorating with light up letters and words is also known as “lettering”, a term borrowed from the typography domain. This expression refers to the study of typographic characters and to the most ideal way to treat them with a number of graphic techniques; when speaking of indoor home decoration, lettering is an enormously successful trend, according to which special character fonts are chosen to adorn and customize the home spaces. These shining accessories fit any style thanks to the ample availability of dimensions, colors, fonts to choose from and the possibility to play with combinations of different characters and sizes. A bit of a vintage vogue that can be determinant for the overall appeal of the space where they are positioned. It is common to find wall light letters that, as if they were paintings, exploit their in-relief position to communicate what happens in the room. For instance, writings as “relax” and “love” are chosen for the bedroom, “home” for the living room or the home hallway.
Messages and letters can give shape to thoughts, memories and can be placed on walls and shelves as well. Plenty are the floor light letters serving this purpose and that contribute to a special scenic effect both indoor and outdoor.

From lighted signs to indoor decors

One of the primary destinations of use for light letters is certainly the retail sector. Thanks to the ample possibility of customized configurations available is it possible to obtain objects with varying dimensions, included in large formats, visible and recognizable from long distances. Tall light up letters are, indeed, fixed on signs and walls to ensure a striking and efficient visual impact within the urban context. The impressive scenic effect makes them an optimal choice also for window dressing, the practice of displaying goods in the shop window to the aim of catching passers-by’s attention. What better way than these shapes graved in lights to capture the eye of wayfarers strolling up and down the town? Simple and straight communication and of such an outstanding presence has entered our homes, over time. It is increasingly popular to use a single light letter or writing to furnish the indoor following the craze.

Neon art: light letters as a means of artistic expression

Before knocking at our homes light letters had been a means of expression for some artistic trends spread in the ‘40s. As a matter of fact, light has always been studied in all visual art disciplines and has transformed itself thanks to technological progress. With the introduction of neon, light took the form of characters of immediate understanding and strong expressive charge, bearing the values of the specific historical contexts artists where living in. It derives a fully-fledged linguistic art made of a multitude of words and sentences with saturated colors that amuse for their references to shop signs and fun fairs, but at the same time floor for the harshness of the meanings. A decisive contribution in this sense, was given by Pop art that, that with an aim to bypass the artistic rules of the past, welcomed to the art domain the imagery of mass culture filled with advertisement and news, colors and insolent messages. Just as in the art domain, what had been born as lighted shop signs for a commercial use experienced a de-contextualization, becoming an indispensable element to plan indoor spaces with an original and whimsical taste.

Technologies and materials of light letters

The ever more popular use of light letters in design has led to a technological progress both in the light sources and in the materials they are made of. Over time, neon light, which was a precursor of a new exciting way to decorate in the retail industry, first, and in the art domain, later, has been taken over by LED light letters. Next to the introduction of new fonts, the possibility to insert the light letters in a diversity of styles has driven to innovate also in the use of other materials for the light source. A great tendency are metal light letters that frame series of LED light bulbs. One of the latest frontiers is the coming up of real digital platforms where users can experience endless combinations of messages, choose the formal aspect of the lighting products and even simulate the location of the selected elements and their spatial configuration. This straight connection and the growing possibility to interact shows a persistent willingness to keep light letters a highly technological product and in step with the times, an undeniable object in the styling of the home spaces.

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