The lighting of a house is not only a primary necessity, but has become a real element that defines the character and soul of a house designed with designer furniture. There are different interior lighting effects that you can achieve according to the needs of individual spaces, considering that in general you can distinguish between mood lighting and directional lighting for specific angles. The first is mostly a soft interior lighting ideal for some relax with friends or for a romantic dinner at the end of the evening, with the placement of floor lamps or amazing designer ceiling lamps. The second one is designed to give you the best visibility while cooking or when studying, and is usually obtained thanks to table lamps, spotlights or pendant lamps. When you don't notice any interior lighting, it means that it works well, but only with designer lamps you are able to give each room its own personality, the one you choose. In our online selection of designer lamps you will find many models in line with the modern furniture of your home, all you have to do is let yourself be inspired.

The latest trends in designer lighting

In line with a modern furniture style, designer lamps now offer essential shapes and innovative materials. Among the latest trends in designer lamps, neutral colours and natural shapes pop up, modern yet essential furniture: if you like the shabby chic style, choose a modern lamp made of cork or wood, using production processes with low environmental impact. Do you like industrial style furniture design? The interior lighting that suits you can only include designer lamps in metal or concrete, or you can choose the newest lamps without lampshade to be combined in pairs or groups to trace your path of light in the house. For a modern furniture in a very colorful pop style, the best choice are the design lamps made of innovative plastic materials such as polycarbonate or polyethylene. In this case, you can really indulge yourself with the shapes and colors, being careful, however, to always stay on light shades so as not to weigh down a small space.

Ready to choose your designer lamps online?

LED wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, spotlights and recessed luminaires: design lighting offers you multiple solutions to achieve the desired effect, so many that it is easy to be confused. Before you get overwhelmed, here you are some tips from Archiproducts in order to have perfect interior lighting. The first substantial difference is made by the environment and its destination: spotlights, recessed lamps and pendant lamps produce an ideal directional light to have full visibility in the kitchen or in the children's study area. Many models of designer floor lamps also offer the possibility of directing the beam of light according to your needs, and you can also move them where you think is most appropriate. However, designer floor lamps are often used mainly as furnishing accessories to fill the unused corners of the living room with style or in the niches of a modern entrance hall. When spaces do not allow us to occupy the floor area, everything goes on the ceiling or walls with wall lights, wall or recessed lamps.

The best lighting brands for sale online on Archiproducts

Let yourself be overwhelmed by Flos lamps like the prestigious Arco, get inspired by Artemide and the original table lamp Eclisse. Give your home a unique touch with a Fontanaarte product, such as the timeless Blom lamp, or choose other inimitable brands such as Slamp, Axo Light, In-es.artdesign and Driade. The Archiproducts online lighting shop is the place for you. Once you've positioned the designer atmosphere or service lamps, be careful of some areas of the house, often underestimated but vital to avoid accidents. For example, if there are stairs or walls in the house, it is essential to place recessed spotlights to signal their presence. The bathroom is also a place to take into consideration in interior lighting: you always prefer design lamps with direct lighting instead of atmospheric ones, and with two spotlights on the sides of the mirror you'll have a star sink! In the evening, when you relax in front of your TV or computer, don't underestimate the importance of a second light source beyond the screen so as not to strain your eyes even further. In this case, you can place design table lamps behind the TV, or on a table next to the sofa to read, or finally you can choose special shapes to be placed on the floor as a real design furniture accessory. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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