LINEA CALI' ARIA | Door handle on back plate

Brass door handle on back plate

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ARIA | Door handle on back plate


Brass door handle on back plate



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A simple piece of brass, static and apparently unrefined, was skilfully polished to create a handle for doors and windows that stands out with its soft and flowing forms.‎
The elusive line of the handgrip is delineated by two ribs that increase the thickness, making it safer and at the same time lightening the profile.‎
The particular shape is not only a quirk but also a technical detail that allows it to be held securely.‎ The initial curve receives the palm of the hand with ease, while the reduction in height and widening at the end firmly receive the fingers preventing them from slipping.‎
The end of the handle has a gull-wing shape that also gives it a nice classic feel making it suitable for all door types.‎
A third rib is to be found on the rose that accompanies the gracefulness of the handgrip with balance.‎
Chosen in the polished or satin chrome finish, the Aria door handle is a good match for modern and contemporary doors whereas the brass or patiné mat finish is more suited to classic and sober doors (e.‎ g.‎ walnut, cherry, etc.‎ ).‎
Aria is also available in the anti-intrusion version equipped with the SmartBlock invisible system, the invisible anti-theft system for windows that is unique in the world.‎

Available models:
- Handle with with and without rose
- Handle on plate
- Handle for window with SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

Available handles finishes:
- polished chrome
- satin chrome
- matt bronze
- polished brass
- gold plated
- patiné mat

Aria - A static piece of brass is transformed into an object characterised by a pleasantly romantic soul and dynamic lines.‎

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Aria Collection by LINEA CALI'
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