Linea Light Group GYPSUM_R1 LED ceiling recessed plaster spotlight


GYPSUM_R1 By Linea Light Group


LED ceiling recessed plaster spotlight

Gypsum_R is defined by a circular essential shape, three diameters available for every designer’s or lighting feeling needed.‎ The source disappears completely, just a wide beam light emerges.‎ The Gypsum series is a traditional material with LED technology combination.‎ The invisible chalk frame allows a perfect merge with the wall and surface finishing.‎

Passages and reception spaces are defined by lines and wall mounted details of light, deriving from sources perfectly integrated with architecture.‎ Wall flush recessed and chalk smooth shapes are the best solutions to have innovative lighting settings.‎ Walls, linkage and entrances are embellished by dedicated lighting, enhancing and underlining all details.‎ Last generation LED technology provides to sources best efficiency and optimized visual comfort, also providing high level performance thanks to lighting output control and management.‎ Thanks to fixtures’ best integration in every architectural space and detail a brand new relationship with lighting is fixed

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Ø9 x H.6.3 cm

Gypsum Collection by Linea Light Group
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