Linea Light Group QUANTUM_R Recessed LED aluminium spotlight


QUANTUM_R By Linea Light Group


Recessed LED aluminium spotlight

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Quantum_R is a The spotlight is characterized by a group made up of a reflector with F.‎O.‎L.‎™ filtering system and a recessed LED source, thus providing visual comfort and a highly pure beam.‎  Among the product distinguishing features, the well-proportioned appearance given by its optical compartment with embossed or ""warm&chic"" golden finish, a plus which has earned it the Red Dot Award in 2015.‎ Quantum is particularly suitable for illuminating shops, hotels and private homes.‎Quantum is a ceiling-mounting recessed luminaire with an organic roundish form.‎  The deep-recessed optical compartment ensures perfect integration into the surrounding architecture thanks to its soft and sinuous lines.‎  

Light source:
- 1 x powerLED 1,5 W 500 mA
- 1 x powerLED 2,0 W 630 mA
- 1 x powerLED 4 W 350 mA
- 1 x powerLED 6 W 500 mA
- 1 x powerLED 10 W 800 mA
- arrayLED 15 W 400 mA
- arrayLED 25 W 700 mA

An organic-shaped downlight, with a deep optics com compartment and with soft and refined lines, winners of the prestigious RedDot Award.‎ Materials: Aluminium body.‎

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