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Hinged door 5 By Linvisibile


Hinged flush-fitting door

Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 is an innovative system that provides decorative finishes for hinged panels in glass, laminate, gres porcelain and microcement, available in several different colours, thanks to an aluminium outer frame system compatible with the coatings selected.‎ The variety of finishes that can be applied extends to any material within a maximum thickness of 3 mm and an overall weight below 70 kg.‎ The versatility of this product also offers the opportunity to apply different finishes on the two sides of a leaf.‎ Linvisibile’s partnership with Fabio Fantolino gave life to a new interpretation of the Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 that leverages aesthetics and design.‎ With this proposal, the architect and designer aims to enhance the non wall-flush side with a colour-matching intrados, thus offering a refined and exclusive aesthetic fit on the typically less “noble” front of the door.‎ The panel is also decorated on both sides by an insert of great aesthetic impact that enhances the product and the surrounding environment.‎
Like all Linvisibile products, both the Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 and the version designed by Fabio Fantolino stand out for their hidden hinges and the absence of door frames, thus creating seamless continuity between wall and door, leaving only a visible 2 mm aluminium profile, a feature that denotes Linvisibile’s excellent assembly skills.‎

Technical features and details
Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 is composed by:
– an extruded aluminium frame (EN AW 6060 alloy – Anticorodal 063) that replaces the frame (outer frame-posts) and adapts to walls and plasterboard walls with different thickness, ready to house hinges and locks;
– a panel, 50 mm thick, consisting of:
* internal structure consisting of honeycomb panels;
* perimeter frame made from natural chemical oxidized extruded aluminum applied along the perimeter to the panel with a fixing system with square angles;
* liner of the pre-selected base layer material, 3 mm thick (laminate, fiberglass, methacrylate) 4 mm (glass), applied on the faces.‎

In the Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 version designed by Fabio Fantolino, the door is made up of 3 elements: panel with anodized aluminium perimeter frame, insert and intrados.‎ The ensemble is personalised with different combinations of colours and types of materials, selected according to the taste and unique style of Studio Fabio Fantolino.‎

Dimensions and personalizations
In single leaf, the Linvisibile Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 is available in the following clear width sizes:
* Width 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 mm to 3500 mm (Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 version)
* Width 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 mm to 3000 mm (Infinito Hinged Door Filo 5 version designed by Fabio Fantolino)
Technical details
• Option to make the frame without the upper crossbar;
• Option to pre-assemble the panel for mirror or glass application;
• Option to install a flush door closer;
• Option of assembling a perimeter profile in a colour matching the surface;
• Option to make the two panel surfaces in different materials;
• Option to install coupling elements between the finishing slabs.‎


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W 600; 700; 800 and 900 mm x H 2100 mm
Not standard 
W from 500 to 1100 mm x H from 1900 to 3500 mm (single leaf)
Metal finishing
W from 600 to 1800 x H from 1900 to 2700 mm
Moulded dimension
W 900 mm x H 2700 mm

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