Infinito 10 Hinged Door

Hinged flush-fitting door


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Infinito 10 Hinged Door By Linvisibile


Hinged flush-fitting door


Aluminium, Honeycomb

Infinito 10 Hinged Door is the new flush-to-wall door comprising an anodized or matt lacquered aluminium perimeter frame with a thickness of 102 mm, combined with a honeycomb panel.‎
Designed to accommodate multiple decorative finishes on the panel surface, it stands as the emblem of a door that becomes an element of the interior design, giving personality to and enhancing its surroundings.‎ The Infinito 10 Hinged Door has been designed for wall-flush installation on both sides and is available in any of the shades offered for the following materials: veneered wood, natural wood, glass, laminate, leather, fabric, ceramic and microcement.‎ Particularly suitable to include the application of Heavy Coatings, like marble, natural stones and granites.‎
The varieties of applicable materials are endless and the panel is one hundred percent customisable with finishes that are between 3 and 6 mm thick, and up to 10 mm in the case of Heavy Coatings.‎ It is also possible to cover the two sides with different materials and customise the colour of the perimeter frame, creating a chromatic harmony with the selected surface.‎
Like all the Linvisibile flush-to-wall hinged doors, the Infinito 10 version also stands out for the installation of high-performing concealed hinges and the absence of door frames, thus ensuring seamless continuity between door and wall.‎ The only visible element is the 2 mm aluminium profile, the distinctive sign of a door to be entirely customised.‎

Further details
Technical features and details
The Infinito 10 Hinged Door consists of:
– an extruded aluminium frame (EN AW 6060- Anticorodal 063 alloy) in the Pull or Push version designed to house hinges and lock. Ensuring the perfect anchoring of aluminium to the walls, it is able to adapt to masonry and plasterboard walls of different thickness;
– a panel with a total thickness of 102 mm, including stop gaskets, made up of:
* internal structure consisting of honeycomb panels;
* perimeter frame in extruded oxidized chemical natural aluminium applied along the perimeter to the panel with a fixing system with square angles;
* selected lining material with 3 to 6 mm thickness (laminate, fibreglass, methacrylate, glass, mirror, leather, ceramic, etc.), applied on each side. In the case of preparation for Heavy Coatings, the maximum coating thickness is 10 mm (marble, granite and natural stones);
– high-performance hidden hinges for doors with aluminium frame with opening angle up to 180° and total front length of 240 mm. Adjustable on three axes, in standard finish model grey SW124 and Bronze Metallic SW168 (other finishes upon request).
The Infinito 10 Hinged Door is pre-assembled as standard for fitting thick coatings. In the Heavy Coatings version, the coatings are not included, but all hardware needed for installing and operating the door is included.
Dimensions and personalizations
The Linvisibile Infinito 10 Hinged Door is available with single or double leaf in the following sizes:
* Width: 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3500 mm
* Width: 800 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3500 mm (in the version designed for Heavy Coatings)
Technical details
• Option to make the frame without the upper crossbar;
• Option to pre-assemble the panel for mirror or glass application;
• Option to apply the flush door closer (mandatory for heights over 3000 mm);
• Option to make the perimeter profile in any of the seven anodized finishes or matt lacquered;
• Option to make the two panel surfaces in different materials.
* Width: 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3500 mm
* Width: 800 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3500 mm (in the version designed for Heavy Coatings)

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