Lithos Mosaico Italia JEUX D’HEXAGONES 144 MIX

Indoor/outdoor marble wall/floor tiles


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Indoor/outdoor marble wall/floor tiles


Marble, Stone

The acquaforte collection comes from a deep knowledge of traditional techniques and from a technologic research towards innovation.‎  The top artistic craftsmanship , the marble preciousness and  the emphasis given by the metallic leaves and pigments make the acquaforte collection items easily insert with taste and elegance in every kind of environment .‎ refined  engravings draw the marble surfaces making them unique and pleasant.‎
The originality of the acquaforte collection products is given by the combination of several decorations created by  precious metallic leaves and lots of pigments.‎ The items by the acquaforte collection, being top artistic craftsmanship articles , are always different and never repeatable, unique in elegance and versatility.‎
The items by the acquaforte collection donate an interesting  sensory experience, where the marmoreal and stone surface become emotional surface, where sight and touch experience gratifying sensations.‎

The products by the ‘Decò’ line are modular carpets enhanced by intricate works and decors realized by using the Acquaforte technique.‎ These items, which convey a strong evocative impact, come out from a free interpretation of geometries and decors which can be found in splendid and historic floors.‎ It tells about a journey trought art, history and tradition.‎ The items and the decors by this line are appropriate to cover surfaces of several dimensions and they can be enhanced, and prominence can be given to the items by applicating coloured pigments.‎
Prestigious floors and with  strong elements of characterization perfectly fit in refined and particular environments

JEUX D’HEXAGONES, by Lithos Mosaico Italia , is a modular covering for  walls and floors made in natural marble with  Acquaforte etchings which take inspiration from “Panot Gaudi” by the well-known Catalan architect .‎ The hexagonal decoration recalls Gaudi thoughts based on the  careful observation of shapes and the existing patterns of nature :”Nature has always been my teacher”.‎
The six-side shape calls to mind a honeycomb , a turtle shell motif as well as a crocodile skin, Whereas etchings ,creating a light and shadow play on the marble surface ,do recall to one’s mind snails ,seaweeds and water flowers ,which make you think about a sinuous motion.‎
JEUX D’HEXAGONES is proposed  in the module format 14,4 x 16,6 cm and in the colours of Bianco Perlino,Calacatta,Grigio Foussana ,Travertino Noce , Travertino Chiaro, New Black .‎ The decoration can be made up of a mix of marbles in order to create a dynamic covering, or can also be monochromatic and tone on tone for elegant environment
It is also possible, upon request ,to realize the decoration on all of the marbles belonging to the Acquaforte collection and enhancing it by the application of Golden ,silver and copper leaves and the colours by the Caramel line.‎

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cm 14,4 x 16,6 x 1

Acquaforte Collection by Lithos Mosaico Italia
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