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LITOCHROM 1-6 By Litokol


Flooring grout

Litochrom 1-6  is a High performance cementitious grout for the grouting of joints from 1 to 6 mm wide between ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stone.‎ High resistance to abrasion and low water absorption.‎ Product with ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.‎

Technical Features
Colours:C.‎00 White / C.‎10 Grey / C.‎700 Grigio medio / C.‎690 Off White C.‎60 Bahama Beige / C.‎50 Jasmine / C.‎80 Caramel / C.‎90 Terracotta C.‎160 Azzurro Cielo / C.‎200 Wengè / C.‎170 Crocus / C.‎140 Rosa C.‎20 Grigio Chiaro / C.‎150 Menta / C.‎30 Grigio Perla / C.‎710 Mogano C.‎120 Marrone Chiaro / C.‎40 Antracite / C.‎130 Sabbia / C.‎680 Nocciola
Waiting time before grouting:Floor installation with snormal-setting adhesive: 24 hours - Floor installation with fast-setting adhesive: 6 hours Floor application with mortar: 7-10 days - Cladding installation with normal-setting adhesive: 6-8 hours - Cladding installation with fast-setting adhesive: 4 hours - Wall application with mortar: 2-3 days
Mixture life:Approx.‎ 40 minutes
Application temperature:from +5°C to +35°C
Waiting time for cleaning:From 5 to 20 minutes depending on absorption and temperature
Walkable after:24 hours
Ready for use:7 days
Consumption:Mosaics 1x1x0.‎4 - 2-mm joints: 2.‎39 kg/m² / Tiles 5x5x0.‎4cm - 2-mm joints: 0.‎48 kg/m² / Tiles 10x10x0.‎6cm - 1-2-4-mm joints: 0.‎18-0.‎36-0.‎72 kg/m² / Tiles 15x15x0.‎6cm - 1-2-4-mm joints: 0.‎12-0.‎24-0.‎48 kg/m² / Tiles 15x20x0.‎6cm - 2-3-4-mm joints: 0.‎21-0.‎31-0.‎42 kg/m² / Tiles 25x25x1.‎2cm - 2-3-4-mm joints: 0.‎29-0.‎43-0.‎57 kg/m² / Tiles 25x33x0.‎8cm - 3-4-6-mm joints: 0.‎25-0.‎34-0.‎5 kg/m² / Tiles 33x33x1cm - 3-4-6-mm joints: 0.‎27-0.‎36-0.‎54 kg/m² / Tiles 30x45x1cm - 4-6-mm joints: 0.‎33-0.‎5 kg/m² / Tiles 45x45x1.‎2cm - 4-6-mm joints: 0.‎32-0.‎48 kg/m²
Storage time:Grey and anthracite colours: 12 months (Dir.‎2003/53/EC-D.‎M.‎ 10.‎05.‎04) / Other colours: 24 months inside the original packaging, in a dry place
Mixing ratios:Water or Idrostuk = 28% (1.‎4 litres for 1 x 5 kg bag) (7 litres for 1 x 25 kg bag)
Consistency of the mix:thixotropic creamy grout
Specific gravity of mix:1.‎94 kg/l
Joint width:from 1 to 6 mm.‎
Mix curing time:5 minutes

Further info from manufacturer on LITOCHROM 1-6 Litokol
5 kg plastic bags (boxes of 5 pcs) 25 kg bag

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