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Loewe bild 7.‎ The new way to watch television.‎  The bild 7 display is only 7mm, slimmer than most smartphones, but still extremely stable thanks to the high-quality materials used.‎

OLED technology from Loewe.‎
Our ambition is complete black.‎ OLED technology produces images from self-illuminating pixels, organic light-emitting diodes.‎ Unlike LCDs, they do not need a backlight.‎ When they're off, they are black, there is absolutely no light.‎ Taking less than a microsecond to react.‎ From very bright to completely dark.‎ Rapid movements come alive with a vitality never seen before.‎ Uncompromising.‎ Near perfect picture quality.‎

The blackest substance known.‎
The name VantaVision is inspired by discoveries in the field of nanoscience.‎ The blackest substance that has ever been produced is called Vantablack® (Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array).‎ It is made from tiny carbon tubular particles, which reflect light exceptionally weakly, absorbing it almost completely.‎ Vantablack is used to calibrate space telescopes, camouflage satellites and has also created a completely new dimension for the visual arts.‎

Television with VantaVision.‎
VantaVision, delivers a completely new dimension to television viewing.‎ With a visual power never seen before, amazing levels of detail can be seen even in the very darkest of scenes.‎ Highlights pop-out with intense brightness and a wider, more finely graduated pallet delivers incredibly rich, vibrant, natural colours.‎ The secret is a pure black.‎ The perfect stage for razor-sharp contrasts and uncompromising picture quality.‎ This new viewing experience, combining state-of-the art OLED technology and the finest picture processing software, is called Loewe VantaVision.‎

Uncompromising picture quality with HDR and Dolby Vision.‎

Thanks to Dolby Vision, bild 7 delivers brilliant high-dynamic range images (HDR) with an unexpected depth and an unbelievable colour spectrum (wide colour gamut).‎ An eye-catching effect.‎ Doesn't matter whether you immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes or in the final frontier.‎ Dolby Vision ensures that films are shown as the filmmakers intended.‎

Combining picture and sound.‎ ‎ The Loewe klang 5 speakers and subwoofer sound unbelievably natural.‎ ‎ They harmonise perfectly with the Loewe bild 7 thanks to wireless technology with automatic pairing.‎ ‎

Technical Data
EU energy efficiency class: B
Screen diagonal (in cm)/Screen diagonal (in inch): 164/65
Power consumption “ON” 1 (in W): 180
Annual energy consumption (kWh) 2: 250
Power consumption in stand-by mode/off (in W): 0.‎ 49/0
Resolution (in pixels): Ultra HD (3840x2160)

Set-up options
Set up option wall, flexible
Set up option table
Set up option floor, motor operated rotation

Further info from manufacturer on BILD 7.65
65" - 164 cm

BILD Collection by Loewe
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