LONDONART EUPHORIA Washable wallpaper with floral pattern




Washable wallpaper with floral pattern

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The wallpaper collection designed by Marni for Londonart is a blast of colours and energy.‎ Through rigorous yet subversive language, the Londonart collection reworks the heritage of prints and patterns developed over the years by the house, transposing the same pictorial appeal and materiality to wallpapers.‎ Thus, are born creations elaborated through a re-work, resulting from a transformation process and an artistic journey, which took place following the principles of home decor Marni’s elegant and revolutionary perspective, which has always celebrated the authenticity of craftsmanship, enhancing the refinement of materials and the originality of design, is shown here in a new light.‎ The subjects are eclectic, characterised by a mix & match of prints, overlay and colour contrasts.‎ The aesthetic paradigm of the collection reflects the vision of creative director Francesco Risso who, with a skillful touch, has molded matter at the service of creativity.‎
The result is an exploration of intentions, a universe of values that holds a constant dialogue with the art world.‎ Patterns, always at the core of the brand’s visual vocabulary, continue to affirm the uniqueness of this collection: macro flowers, irreverent stripes, hand-painted psychedelic motifs take center stage, in a constant interplay of shapes and perspectives.‎ Colours are unexpected: neutral tones such as black, beige and blush prevail, juxtaposed to bold accents of yellow, fuchsia, blue and red, punctuating the collection with rhythm.‎
A lively rhythm creating an enigmatic play of decorations and brushstrokes, an attempt to retrace the history of the brand through a long journey in which rules, barriers and genres have been broken down and redefined, with a new language.‎

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RAW: roll width 50 cm; height: on demand
BOLD: roll width 65 cm; height: on demand
GREEN: roll width 50 cm; height: on demand
SOUNDPROOF: roll width 65 cm; height: on demand
GLASS: roll width 94 cm; height: on demand

Marni Collection by LONDONART
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