Wooden highboard with doors

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Wooden highboard with doors



Heritage Collection is the essence of a country, a portrait of a world of cultural elements uniquely confined to the root of a person.‎ It is that legacy that gives us, today, symbols that we’re proud to claim as fruits of our ingenuity, as well as symbols which were adopted and taken as our own, from paths crossed momentarily in the past.‎ Heritage, a collection that catalogues what is essentially the birth of a nation, is completed with pieces that reflect important landmarks, in days of yore.‎
With Heritage, Malabar moves into a classic, more ornate design philosophy in order to stay true to the inspirations, setting itself worlds apart from the first collection, World Architects.‎
Cornices, friezes, carving, tiles, gold and silver leaf, wrought iron, ceramics and other time-honored elements and styles will be some of its characteristic components.‎ To create these pieces, we need more than skill from our artisans and designers: a monumental amount of passion for art and attention to detail are necessary to complete a worthy tribute piece.‎

The Almirante contemporary cabinet exalts the patterned tiles, produced in the mid-to-late 1800s, cover thousands of buildings in Lisbon, such as Viúva Lamego factory, where ceramics were produced for many years.‎ All in blue and white, this famous façade faces of Avenida Almirante Reis, is one of the most beautiful in the city.‎ Despite the traditional material and technic, Almirante is a contemporary cabinet and an artistic piece, combining hand-painted wood and a gold plated brass base.‎ The Almirante modern cabinet is a heritage piece with a contemporary design that will bring Portuguese tradition to your luxurious living spaces.‎

Structure in hand carved and hand painted wood finished with high gloss varnish.‎ Interior and drawers lacquered in gold featuring hand painted handles.‎ Clear glass shelving.‎ Legs in polished brass.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ALMIRANTE
H 155 cm | 61"
Ø 60 cm | 23.6"

HERITAGE Collection by Malabar
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