Manerba UNDECIDED Swivel velvet easy chair with armrests


UNDECIDED | Easy chair By Manerba


Swivel velvet easy chair with armrests

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Undecided is a small armchair covered in velvet and in the fabrics of the collection, light and colorful.‎

ight.‎ Flexible.‎ Comfortable.‎ Sound-proof.‎ Lively.‎ Chargeable.‎ To improve your understanding, it is better talking face to face.‎ Before speaking, think.‎ When meeting, you need privacy to better understand.‎ And then you are better if you are comfortable, feel at ease, recharge, alone and then with the others.‎ Working at present means think, connect, decide.‎ A time-out and a confrontation often drive good decisions.‎ That is what Undecided is precisely useful for: a single island and a few more, irony and intelligence, charging station for body and devices.‎ A settee, armchair and seat system to be isolated, to interact, to work in team, to peacefully think or to call at ease.‎ Colourful, light, good in sizes and proportions, the system Undecided comfortably and peacefully welcomes.‎ Informal but elegant, it drives concentration, aggregation, distribution of seats according to the specific requirements, of the ambiances, of the scheduled or of last-minute activities.‎ Office, house, museum, cafeteria, hotel, bank or spas, anyplace where you work, think, confront each other where Undecided allows you to feel at ease thanks to the many different models, units, a colour language better furnishing any ambience.‎ The sofa is modular in height and length, the customized cushions, easily unlined, with the company hotel logo, printed or embroidered, are fitted and removed at ease from the structure.‎ They can be composed according to one’s own style and to the preferred nuances: chequered, monochrome, with a well defined colour point or at random.‎

Manerba Boutique is a working and living space where dimensions, materials and finishes are thought and customized in cooperation with architects and customers.‎
The shared objective is to give life to an harmonic, special, highly customized workspace, that can boost personal wellbeing and efficient work.‎

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Undecided Collection by Manerba
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