Basalt fiber reinforcing mesh

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Basalt fiber reinforcing mesh


Carbon fibre, basalt fiber

Primed alkali-resistant basalt fibre mesh for structural “reinforced” strengthening of concrete and masonry structures.

Primed alkali-resistant basalt fibre mesh used in combination with Planitop HDM or Planitop HDM Maxi (two-component ready-mixed high ductility pozzolan-reaction fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar for structural “reinforced” strengthening of masonry structures) or Planitop HDM Restauro (two-component ready-mixed high-ductility fibre reinforced natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and Eco-pozzolan based mortar for structural “reinforced” strengthening of masonry structures) to strengthen reinforced concrete and masonry structures in order to improve their mechanical characteristics and overall ductility.
Mapegrid B 250 mesh is part of the MAPEI FRG System, a complete range of composite materials that use an inorganic matrix to guarantee excellent chemicalphysical and elastic-mechanical compatibility with masonry substrates. This type of system offers several important advantages when used on buildings of historical or artistic interest. Rather than replace existing structures, the system works in parallel with them to help improve without altering the way the masses and rigidity within the structures are distributed. The latter is a very important factor, particularly in seismic areas where stresses are proportional to the masses involved. The use of Mapegrid B 250 in particular allows for better distribution of strains caused by cyclic loads. The system, made up of special mesh and mortar, follows the approach defined by the guidelines for the approval of FRCM (Fibre Reinforced  Cementitious Matrix) systems which stress the importance of obtaining approval for the entire strengthening package.

Some application examples
• Shear/tensile strengthening of bay walls through application to the internal and/or external face.
• Structural strengthening of masonry arches and vaulted roofs through application to both the external and internal faces.
• Reinforced strengthening for more even distribution of stresses induced by seismic activity

Further info from manufacturer on MAPEGRID B250

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