Carbon fibre reinforcing fibres

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Carbon fibre reinforcing fibres


Carbon fibre

Unidirectional high strength carbon fibre, glass fibre or basalt fibre cord for impregnation with MapeWrap 21 to make “structural connections”.‎

Structural and functional restoration of concrete elements and masonry, including those of historical interest, which have been damaged by inclement weather and natural causes.‎ MapeWrap C FIOCCO, MapeWrap G FIOCCO and MapeWrap B FIOCCO are used as “structural connection” placed on the inside of old masonry to guarantee a better connection between the substrate (concrete, stone, bricks, wood, etc.‎ ) and the strengthening products from the MAPEI FRP and FRG System.‎
Some application examples
• Anchoring structural strengtheners made from mesh strengthening systems from the Mapegrid range on vaulted structures and brick, stone and tuff facing walls.‎
• Connections between old perimeter facing walls and carbon fibre pultruded sheets (Carboplate) or fabrics from the MapeWrap range used for structural strengthening of beams, floor slabs, etc.‎

MapeWrap C FIOCCO, MapeWrap G FIOCCO and MapeWrap B FIOCCO are part of the MapeWrap range of products, an innovative system for strengthening, static and seismic upgrading of reinforced concrete and masonry structures.‎ The products are composed by unidirectional carbon fibre (Mapewrap C FIOCCO), glass fibre (MapeWrap G FIOCCO) and basalt fibre (MapeWrap B FIOCCO) threads inside a gauze wrapping which gives it its characteristic “cord” appearance.‎ The carbon and glass fibre “cords” are available in diameters 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.‎ The basalt fibre “cords” are available in diameters 10 and 12 mm.‎ The cords are used in combination with fabrics from the MapeWrap range, Carboplate plates or the Mapegrid mesh in order to improve the anchorage, particularly in flexural and shear strengthening applications.‎ Thanks to its composition and production process, which guarantees the same properties in all points, MapeWrap C FIOCCO, MapeWrap G FIOCCO and MapeWrap B FIOCCO have the following characteristics:
• high tensile strength;
• lightweight;
• resistant to alkaline hydroxides in the concrete;
• resistant to corrosion, including when chlorides or other aggressive substances are present;
• excellent fatigue strength.‎

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Strengthening concrete and steel structures Collection by MAPEI
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