Chemical anchor

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Chemical anchor

Pure epoxy resin-based chemical anchor for structural loads

Mapefix EP 470 Seismic is an adhesive used to chemically anchor metal bars in holes made in building materials. It is a two-component, solvent-free product made from pure epoxy resin. Mapefix EP 470 Seismic is supplied in 470 ml cartridges and has been specifically developed to chemically anchor steel and galvanized steel components, threaded bar and rebar in order to transmit structural loads to solid substrates such as concrete, lightweight concrete, stone, wood and compact masonry. Specific also for anchoring metal bars in tension and compression zones in cracked and non-cracked concrete, including in areas at risk of seismic activity. Also, because no stress is generated as with conventional mechanical expansion fasteners, it is also an ideal solution for anchoring close to edges or when there is limited distance between each anchor. The epoxy formulate of Mapefix EP 470 Seismic gives the resin extended workability time (see table 1), which makes it particularly suitable when anchoring operations are carried out in hot climates or if work has to be interrupted. Mapefix EP 470 Seismic is recommended for all types of anchoring with a horizontal, vertical, inclined or overhead axis in tension and compressed zones subjected to static or dynamic stress or loads caused by seismic activity. Mapefix EP 470 Seismic hardened may also be used for immersed anchoring which are permanently damp, in marine and industrial environments and in areas subjected to aggressive chemicals. It may be applied at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C, including on damp or wet substrates and in holes immersed under water. Mapefix EP 470 Seismic may be applied in rough holes made with a hammer drill, and may be used for anchors with both small and large crowns. Mapefix EP 470 Seismic is recommended for anchoring elements in place, such as:
• strengthening rods in construction joints;
• immersed anchors and anchors in damp environments;
• anchors in marine and industrial environments;
• overhead crane and tram rails;
• industrial motors;
• aerials and signs;
• pylons;
• safety barriers;
• highway guard-rails.

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