Glass-fibre reinforcing mesh

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Glass-fibre reinforcing mesh



Pre-impregnated alkali-resistant A.‎ R.‎  glass fibre mesh (FRP) used to form “reinforced” structural render on concrete and masonry structures.‎  

Pre-impregnated, alkali-resistant A.‎ R.‎ glass fibre mesh (FRP), fastened in position with Mapenet EM Connector fasteners, used to structurally strengthen stone, brick, tuff and mixed masonry structures in combination with MapeWall Render & Strengthen (natural hydraulic lime-based transpirant rendering and masonry mortar for making structural render) or Mape-Antique Strutturale NHL (ready-mixed, cement-free, natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and EcoPozzolan-based powdered mortar).‎ When applied on concrete structures it must be used in combination with Mapegrout MS (microsilicate-based, thixotropic fibre-reinforced mortar) or Mapegrout T60 (sulphateresistant, compensated-shrinkage, thixotropic fibrereinforced mortar).‎ This system gives structures a high level of ductility, increases their load-bearing capacity and distributes stresses more evenly.‎

Some application examples
• “Reinforced” render on concrete walls and bay walls.‎
• Increasing the compressive strength of bay walls.‎
• Strengthening vaulted roofs by “reinforced capping”.‎
•Systems to prevent the collapse of floor joists.‎

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapenet EM30 and Mapenet EM40 form a system of meshes made from high-strength, pre-impregnated, alkali-resistant A.‎ R.‎ glass fibre (FRP) with 16% zirconium dioxide which, thanks to their special weave pattern, give structures strengthened with this system a high level of ductility and more even stress distribution.‎ The mesh is fastened monolithically to the structure using Mapenet EM Connector fasteners.‎ Mapenet EM Connector is a pre-formed “L” shaped fastener made from alkali-resistant glass fibre and thermo-setting vinylester-epoxy resin.‎ The recommended number of connectors is 5/m².‎ The mesh is characterised by its high flexibility which makes it very easy to shape and bend around the edges and corners of structures, as long as they have been rounded off beforehand.‎ The strengthening system comprising Mapenet EM structural mesh complies with the approach defined in the guidelines for the qualification of FRCM (Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) that stress the importance of qualifying the complete strengthening package

Further info from manufacturer on MAPENET EM40

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