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Office partitions

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The TréS patented design makes configuration easy, with simple and adaptable workstations and dividing screens, irrespective of the environment in which they are to be located. Panels, lights, desk tops, wood and metal frames, all this and much more make TréS a continuously evolving product.

With TréS, dividing space is a way to carve out a highly personal, versatile working area. The vertical screens of different heights are composed of a self-supporting frame, with panels in metal, faced chipboard or fabric, which connect to the structure in an easy, intuitive fashion.
They can be changed over time, fitted with worktops, storage units and sound-insulating design elements. The screens can also contain cabling, bringing the right level of technology to the right place. A true technical backbone, full of unsurpassed features.
Comfort is guaranteed by the versatility of the actual panels, which come in a single size, so it is easy to store them or change things around when working on a group project rather than alone.
Space becomes the inspiration for organising creative meeting areas or places where you can concentrate, and there are no restrictions in how each person’s individual working environment can become their own personal space.
Lights can be hooked to or suspended from the frames, or even placed within the sound-insulating elements, creating a tiny shared universe.
In this oasis of tranquillity where needs are addressed and thoughts realised, surrounded by all the right equipment, anything becomes possible, improving global performance.

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