Concealed metal window hinge

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Concealed metal window hinge



The new program with 110° concealed hinges.

The invisible solution for all opening types.
WEEN HIDE 110 the unique solution that meets the requirements of maximum load, design, functionality, durability.
WEEN HIDE 110 is the solution for tilt & turn system easy modular and green, with a clear modern design with concealed hinges (110° opening angle) and it is usable for casement and tilt and turn systems. WEEN HIDE 110 can be installed in combination with WiCloud (the first concealed system for window automation) to create value to architectural design projects, where all elements are hidden and handling is fully automatic.

WEEN HIDE 110 is suitable for leaf weights of up to 120 kg 110° opening and is easily upgradable for leaf weights up to 150 kg with the special sash support. It’s easy to use thanks the fast assembly system and the multi-joint hinge for an opening angle of 180° that allows the 3D-adjustment.

Why choosing WEEN HIDE 110
- Invisible Solution
This design impact without visible hinge and with the possibility to use in combination with “WiCloud”, the concealed system for window automation, allow the new opening system to be completely invisible ensuring an elegant and minimal design.

- Great flexibility
WEEN 110 program can be used for all opening types used with casement profiles: tilt and turn opening, Inside/Outside side opening,
bottom hung opening.

- Performance
The new program is suitable for leaf weights of up to 120 kg 110° opening. It is easily upgradable for leaf weights up to 150 kg with the special sash support. This unique multi-joint hinge for an opening angle of 110° also allows for 3D-adjustment.

- Easy mounting
For an easy and fast assembly the top hinge/arm is composed of two independent part, frame and sash, each part is firmly attached to the profile and the two part assembly easy, simply click the frame and sash pin.
Innovative sash fitting of the lower hinge reduce the load on the hinge leverage. The hinge can be mounted on the job site or in the manufacturing facility as simply as a standard tilt and turn.

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