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BUBBLE | Paper towel holder

Aluminium paper towel holder


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BUBBLE | Paper towel holder By Mat Inter


Aluminium paper towel holder


Anodized aluminium

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Bubble is a kitchen roll holder made of aluminum.‎

The Bubble accessories are made from injected aluminum with a Teflon coating in anodized silver colour, very resitant to fingerprints.‎ The shelves are made in a very resistant black ABS material.‎

It consists of:
-        magnetic knife holder
-        double hook
-        kitchen paper holder
-        dish washing shelf to hold sponges and cleaning products
-        kitchen ustensil holder
-        multi-usage double shelf: spice rack, ipad holder…
-        cereal (or other products) dispenser

The fixMI® trim is a decorative listello installed during tiling or mounting of the kitchen backsplash (a retrofit version does also exist).‎ fixMI consists of:
-        A decorative trim, highlighting the backsplash
-        Accessory series which can be attached in a flexible and solid manner

Positionned at about 40cm above the kitchen countertop, the fixMI trim fits any type of kitchen backsplash, in the end version, or the connection version between 2 pannels.‎ It is a decorative listello over the full length of the kitchen backsplash, allowing to free space on the countertop and attaching accessories aestetically all along the listello.‎  

The Bubble accessory series is an exclusive creation for the fixMI system:
Elegant and unique, it adds a touch of sophistication as well as practical aspects to your kitchen accessories.‎ In aluminum, coated with a Teflon layer and black ABS for the shelves, Bubble is adapted to all kitchen styles.‎

The Bubble kitchen accessories click onto the fixMI trim.‎ Once solidly attached with the Allen key, they bear loads of up to 15kg and can yet be moved whenever you wish.‎ The height of the shelves can be modulated.‎

The decorative fixMI listello
3 versions :
-        End trim, as end piece on top of the backsplash
-        Connection trim, between 2 pannels
-        Retrofit trim, to be glued onto an existing surface

3 finishes of the anodized aluminum :
-        Shiny silver
-        Mat brushed silver
-        Mat brushed black

Further info from manufacturer on BUBBLE | Paper towel holder Mat Inter
31 x 11.4 x 4.2 cm

Bubble Collection by Mat Inter
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