Materica BLU PELTRO Metallization with pewter


BLU PELTRO By Materica


Metallization with pewter

The Blu Peltro finishing is an elegant fusion of strength and serenity.‎ With tones ranging between dark grey and deep blue, this finishing embodies a profound emotional appeal.‎ Like a mirror on starry nights, it lends objects an aura of mysterious beauty and a unique character

It all stems from a simple and enlightening intuition: take a technique born as an anti-corrosive treatment and revolutionise it, exploiting its aesthetic potential to breathe new life into a surface.‎ If the characteristics and geometries of an object allow it, metallisation succeeds in creating something truly special: a new 'skin', a precious envelope that makes metallic what is not metallic, enhancing the plastic and sculptural dimension of a material.‎ The gesture is as powerful as it is surgical: an electric arc gun melts wires of pure metal - copper, bronze, brass, zinc, nickel silver - and the particles are projected violently onto the surface.‎ Whether wood, glass, brick, marble, resin-coated polystyrene or fabric, the metamorphosis is sudden, definitive, enhancing.‎ Like the birth of a new identity.‎

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