Mattiazzi MC27 DOPO High ash stool with footrest


MC27 DOPO By Mattiazzi


High ash stool with footrest

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Dopo is a high wooden stool with footrest.‎ Natural wax finish on ash with natural ash footrest.‎

The Dopo collection, designed by Studio OE for Mattiazzi, is a series of stools that stand out for their tactile and haptic qualities.‎ The design process was informed by the desire to create a piece of furniture that invites sensual interaction.‎ The stools feature legs that wrap around and rise above the seat level, evoking the natural growth of trees and shrubs around obstacles.‎ This characteristic aims to elicit the same immediate impulse to touch and trace its lines, as observed with the Oto series.‎

A good bar stool, according to Studio OE, is one that acts as a supportive base, providing security while allowing freedom of movement.‎ It should enable one to reposition themselves effortlessly in relation to the room and others, and also enhance one’s appearance, much like a pedestal.‎

One distinctive feature of the Dopo stool series is the fourth leg that extends above the seat level, designed to step out of line confidently.‎ This leg, at walking stick height, becomes a hand-flattering knob, serving as a practical spot to hang bags or to pull the stool closer.‎ Studio OE is eager to see what other interactions this innovative feature will inspire.‎

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MC27 Dopo Collection by Mattiazzi
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