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The choice of the mattress is an important step for your well-being. The quality of sleep depends on the mattress, ensuring adequate rest for the body and therefore allows a recovery of energy during the day. Mattresses can be very different from each other, the choice should be made based on personal characteristics: body weight, position assumed during sleep, room temperature.
A mattress that is too rigid will not adapt to the shape of the body, forcing the joints into the wrong positions. A mattress that is too soft will tend to sink too much shoulders and buttocks at the expense of the correct position of the spine. The optimal mattress is the one that gives the impression of fluctuating by eliminating or reducing as much as possible, the pressure points.
This choice is very important in case of specific conditions such as hernias, chronic back pain, gastroesophageal reflux, pregnancy.

How to choose a mattress: a guide to materials

When choosing a mattress, different options offered by the market are usually considered. Memory foam or memory mattresses are made of layers of visco-elastic foam of different densities that respond to weight and temperature adapting naturally to the shape of the body. This type of mattress memorizes the shape of the body, welcoming it during the night. It is not suitable for those who often change position during sleep because it does not instantly change the shape taken. It activates movement and avoids the creation of pressure points, proving ideal in case of problems with joints or blood circulation, used as an orthopedic mattress and anti-decubitus mattress thanks to its ability to adapt to the body.
It is a poorly breathable material not suitable for hot environments as it does not quickly dispose of the heat emitted by the body. When retaining moisture, it is important to ensure that it is ventilated in the morning to prevent the formation of mould and fungi.
To avoid the heat naturally retained by the mattress during use, is released even in summer causing damage to sleep, you can choose a hybrid memory mattress.
The latex mattress can be made of natural or synthetic latex. The natural rubber makes the mattress highly breathable due to the special micro-cell manufacturing that makes it hygienic and makes it fully fall into the category of hypoallergenic mattress. Particularly appreciated for its elasticity and resistance to deformation, the latex mattress is therefore ideal for those suffering from respiratory problems and allergies. Especially in summer, a latex mattress will always be fresh, preventing the proliferation of bacteria, germs and mold. The latex mattress is an orthopaedic mattress, has the task of maintaining the alignment of the spine, reduce pressure on the surface, adjust body temperature and repel harmful allergens.
Spring mattresses are divided into independent springs, most used in past years. They are mattresses with helical springs in steel excellent for people with a heavy weight. The springs are then covered with a padding that allows the body not to have direct contact with the metal. Bagged spring mattresses are the evolution of the previous ones. In this type of mattress the springs are inserted individually in a fabric bag to avoid contrasts between them.
The type of springs, their number and the padding are the variables that most affect the perception of comfort of a spring mattress.
Spring mattresses are ideal for use by people with different weights. To increase comfort you can find hybrid mattresses with a surface padding in memory.

Choice of mattress according to sleeping position

Each of us has our preferred sleeping position, depending on this changes the curve assumed by the spine and, consequently, the way in which it discharges the body weight on the mattress. Sleeping on one side, although it is a common practice by many people increases up to seven times the load on the shoulders and hips. In these cases, the mattress should follow the curve of the body. Ideal is a memory mattress. Sleeping on the stomach up totally relieves the upper back but can cause discomfort to the lumbar region. To maintain the natural curve of the spine, a semi-rigid mattress is ideal: a mattress that is too soft would create problems with the back, a mattress that is too rigid would tire the lower back. In this case, the medium-stiff memory or latex mattresses are recommended.
To avoid straining the back while sleeping on the stomach down, spring or latex mattresses are excellent because they are stiffer and able to offer solid support and do not take on the shape of the body that in this case would excessively bend back the spine.

The double mattress that guarantees maximum comfort

The double mattress is available in models that use innovative materials, just to ensure maximum comfort for the couple. The padding involves the use of natural fibers, to optimize the breathability and thermoregulation of the product. You can also choose from proposals made entirely by hand, in neutral colors and covered with fabrics in 100% cotton.
In case of two people with very different characteristics instead of just one double mattress you can opt for two single mattresses.

When to change the mattress?

The life of a mattress is around 8-10 years, after this period of time in addition to intervening a natural aging of the structure of the bed also comes into play a question of hygiene.
A symptom of obsolescence in memory mattresses is given by the reduced ability to "remember" the shape of the body compared to a new product. However, 30% less of these problems are found on the memory mattress compared to other models on the market, including those with springs.
The signs of aging of a spring mattress are found when there are visible protrusions or depressions caused by a different resistance of the springs.
Latex mattresses are the most durable, if maintenance over time has been correct and constant. Exposure to humidity or heat, spoil the latex causing mold in the first case and creating rigid zones in the second case. To avoid premature aging of the latex mattress, it is a good idea to always ventilate the room in which it is located and rotate it either in the head-foot or above-below direction every month.
It is possible to renew an old spring mattress by inserting a topper, usually in memory, in order to increase the feeling of comfort.

Sleep outside the house

Hotel mattresses must be classified as fireproof (class 1IM for a capacity of more than 25 beds) as well as guaranteeing the common comfort requirements.
They are usually chosen with thicknesses over 20 cm to give an air of grandeur to the bedroom. In camping you know, you need to save space without sacrificing comfort, in this case a solution is the inflatable mattresses. Thanks to their small footprint from deflated are also ideal in the home when there are sudden guests for the night to create a new corner bed wherever it is necessary. With the technological innovations made over the years are now able to ensure a quality of rest equal to traditional mattresses. They can be inflated by hand or with an electric pump to reduce inflation times.
Waterbeds were created in the 19th century for long-stay patients to prevent or limit bedsores. They are hypoallergenic, hygienic and, if equipped with a thermostat, they can also be heated by treating rheumatic diseases. ... More ... less
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