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Sectional TV wall system


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INMOTION | Storage wall


Sectional TV wall system



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This new typology of storage unit represents a 3D, aesthetic and functional innovation.‎ Usually, the storage unit side view is never considered in terms of utilization, but for juxtaposition.‎ The collection consists of column units, base or hanging units, cupboards and sideboards.‎ Featuring large-sized compartments, these units are divided in a functional way to receive and organise everyday objects such as books, magazines or electronic equipment.‎ The system’s fl exibility is considerable: swivel modules; units with drawers, large drawers, fl ap doors; modular units to be fl anked or wall-mounted.‎ The elements can be highly customised: the open compartments as well as the rotary units and trays may feature different materials and/or colours and can be newly varied by the customer even after their purchase.‎ 2015 typologies include exclusive novelties.‎ The collection is completed with new modules such as the H111 wall-mounted column, cupboard and sideboard in various lengths and confi gurations equipped with a tray.‎ In addition to the matt lacquered white variant, an elegant open pore matt black ash fi nish and new types of fi nishes for the open compartment (dark red, avio blue, mustard yellow, and natural black wood) are introduced.‎ These novelties valorise the Inmotion collection increasing confi guration capacities and customisation options of the whole system.‎ The fi nal customer has more expressive freedom that can be adapted to any ambient.‎ The entire Inmotion collection is perfected also from a qualitative and functional point of view: from the new downward flap opening system to the new simpler system for the cable management.‎ The cure of the details characterizing the entire range has been concretized also by the introduction of new components.‎

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Inmotion Collection by MDF Italia
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INMOTION F012301 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012303 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012304 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012304 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012304 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012301 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012302 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012301 W085.max
INMOTION F012301 W144.max
INMOTION F012302 W053.max
INMOTION F012302 W085.max
INMOTION F012302 W144.max
INMOTION F012303 W144.max
INMOTION F012304 W053.max
INMOTION F012304 W085.max
INMOTION F012304 W144.max
INMOTION F012301 W053 3D
INMOTION F012306 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012306 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012302 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012307 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012307 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012307 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012308 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012306 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012308 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012309 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012310 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012305 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012305 W144.max
INMOTION F012302 W053.3ds
INMOTION F012310 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012310 W144.3ds
INMOTION F012301 W085.3ds
INMOTION F012306 W144.max
INMOTION F012307 W053.max
INMOTION F012307 W085.max
INMOTION F012306 W085.max
INMOTION F012308 W053.max
INMOTION F012308 W144.max
INMOTION F012309 W144.max
INMOTION F012310 W053.max
INMOTION F012308 W085.max
INMOTION F012310 W144.max
INMOTION F012306 W053.max
INMOTION F012310 W085.max
INMOTION F012307 W144.max
INMOTION F012308 W085.3ds
Download BIM/CAD
INMOTION F012301 W053 3D
INMOTION F012301 W085 3D
INMOTION F012301 W144 3D
INMOTION F012302 W053 3D
INMOTION F012302 W085 3D
INMOTION F012303 W144 3D
INMOTION F012304 W053 3D
INMOTION F012304 W085 3D
INMOTION F012304 W144 3D
INMOTION F012305 W144 3D
INMOTION F012302 W144 3D
INMOTION F012306 W053 3D
INMOTION F012306 W085 3D
INMOTION F012306 W144 3D
INMOTION F012307 W085 3D
INMOTION F012307 W144 3D
INMOTION F012308 W053 3D
INMOTION F012308 W085 3D
INMOTION F012310 W053 3D
INMOTION F012310 W085 3D
INMOTION F012310 W144 3D
INMOTION F012309 W144 3D
INMOTION F012307 W053 3D
INMOTION F012308 W144 3D
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Materials & Textures
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