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Meeting and waiting rooms

Regardless of their size, designing a company’s office spaces entails with almost no exception the presence of one or more meeting rooms and possibly also of an area, even a small one, to be used as a reception or a waiting room for guests and clients. In the case of offices organized as a wide open plan space, the different environments can be created by using partition walls, possibly mobile ones, so for the space to be easily adaptable to the diverse needs that might come up through time.

How to plan the furniture of a meeting room

Meeting rooms are often planned in a dedicated space and especially one that is acoustically and visually insulated from the rest of the office. Such a space requires a careful planning, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, because it is where internal team meetings will take place, as well as meetings with possible clients, thus playing as a fully fledged business card of the company. The furniture normally includes a large size meeting table with at least 8-10 seats; it is possible to opt for a fixed table, or, even better, for a modular solution, extendable or folding, so to allow to use the space also for different needs. The chairs shall be beautiful and comfortable, possibly stackable, so to improve the space modularity. In the case of small spaces, it is possible to opt for an office island, great for internal meetings in small working teams or to carve out a private spot from where to take part in meetings and remote appointments.

How to furnish the waiting room

The area dedicated to the clients before they are received needs to feature comfortable visitors’ chairs, beautiful and neatly arranged so to make a good first impression. If the room is small and not as trafficked as a transit area, it will be possible to opt for an upholstered chair, that will ensure greater comfort while waiting. However, if a more intense flow of people is foreseeable, as it is the case of doctor's offices for example, it will be necessary to think of easily washable materials, so for the maintenance and sanitization of the environment to be fast and effective. In this case, an enveloping shape and the presence of armrests will help making waiting more pleasant.

How to organize the spaces of a conference room

Amid the spaces that can be furnished, conference rooms are not to be forgotten. They can be arranged either within the walls of the company or in multi-purpose spaces, such as hotels or museums, schools and universities. In case the conference room is to be rented by clients who are looking for a location where to hold their events, it will be necessary to plan a large conference table (which can best accommodate most people's needs), equipped with grommets and attachments for computers and electronic devices, while the audience can be set up with comfortable training chairs equipped with a writing tablet or object holder. Such chairs can be folding or stackable, so to allow the room to be arranged on the basis of the participants expected for the conference; moreover they could be linked so to allow a better organization of the spaces.

Reception desks for offices, professional studios and hotels

One last space that is normally designed inside the contract spaces is the reception. The reception desk, located at the entrance is an element that draws the attention and the first to be seen by any guests or clients. This is the reason why here too the space needs to be planned with attention to details, and foresee a functional space for the employers at work so to allow them to have everything they need within reach. Finally, it is important to provide operators with comfortable seats, possibly raised, to allow better interaction with customers and visitors. An excellent solution is represented by high office stools, possibly equipped with a backrest, which allow to rest your back and legs and not to tire even when your work involves standing for many hours.

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