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Meeting tables

Meeting tables are the place where company make most of their decisions. In meeting areas high-ranking representatives of the managerial board of all societies gather, new ideas come to life, projects are developed. This is the scenery where the management and marketing department open up to the outside world, welcoming clients and potential partners. This is why the spaces devoted to hold meetings needs to be planned minutely, paying attention as to the room functionality as to its aesthetics. In this sense, meeting tables are the fulcrum of the room and require a set of considerations prior to being purchased, also taking into account the wide range of solutions offered by the office furniture industry.

Meeting tables: what is the most appropriate shape?

Meeting tables come in various shapes. Rectangular meeting tables are usually the most common, especially due to space-management reasons. The linear sides allow to place the table in basically any context and to best exploit the room available. Rectangular tables are also appropriate to reflect hierarchies during meetings, so that the person leading the company or the specific meeting can take a central seat, while others can take their sit next along the table sides.
Oval meeting tables offer the same advantages as rectangular ones, although they can be more difficult to place in a room. The design of oval meeting tables stands particularly out within environments with a creative design; it is a modern and classy solution, especially if the top is in glass, with the possibility to enrich the table appearance with leather or wood finishes.
Another kind of lines and looks are represented by square meeting tables with their classic and refined or modern design; they are practical in environments that recall their same shape and are perfect to hold discussions as they eliminate the distances among the people sitting at the meeting. Round meeting tables stick out for the multitude of solutions varying by height or by the size of the worktop; they are considered decorative and with a striking captivating aesthetics, next to being suitable to fit in any furniture style context.

Meeting tables styles: modern minimal or classic

Each meeting table shows the company identity and tells its story. A wood meeting table transmits solidity and strength and blends in naturally with classic style offices, as well as with minimal, composed and linear furnishing, as it is proper of modern style. Leather meeting tables are refined and stylish, very appropriate to portray the image of a successful brand, careful to details, exclusively modern or with a classic spirit. The leather insert adds warmth to any space, conveying coziness and sobriety.
Light, modern and smart, glass meeting tables are great to enhance light in a room and stimulate creativity and a problem-solving attitude, while shaping a bright and positive environment.
Metal meeting tables are never old-fashioned and are rather destined to last in time, robust both from an aesthetic and a functional perspective. The metal structure can be completed with a number of accessory components, such as a top in glass or crystal, for a result that mixes together harmony and composure, taste and reliability.

Technology to serve meeting tables

Ever than before meeting tables are used to accommodate technological devices such as computers, projectors, screens. Therefore, there is are increasing attention to integrate the aesthetics of articles dedicated to meeting areas with extra accessories that can maximize the table functionality to make it multimedia. Solutions able to guarantee extreme efficiency associate design to holes, ducts and cable management systems.
These are functional tables that respond to the specific needs of today's companies that ever more assertively require tables that do not give up on aesthetics, but that rather put an accent on and give value to shapes, color and materials also through practical functions. For a better use of space, there are reclined meeting tables with a flipping top that can be easily set aside thanks to a castors-equipped system. This is is the case of Suzo Fix by Diemmebi, an example of efficiency and formal sophistication co-existing in harmony. Folding tables are an optimal solution to make or use space on the occurrence, like it is the case for the Miura model proposed by the Plank brand.

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