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Mini kitchens

Small, concealed and excellent as space-saving solutions, the mini-kitchens are born as reduced versions of a piece of furniture in itself complex, but at the same time highly flexible and customizable. In modern houses, the space to devote to the environments is increasingly limited, you must be good at rationalizing the spaces, as well as centering the furniture. For this reason, mini kitchens are ideal when you want everything at your fingertips in the smallest possible space. Inserting a mini-kitchen in the environment allows to make it multifunctional, because in fact it does not occupy it entirely for a single function and allows a versatility that otherwise would be possible only in large spaces.
Once away from the sink and hob, the room is ready to become a pleasant living area, a luxury lounge or the perfect room for a skype call or a quick meeting with colleagues.

Problems with space? With mini kitchens anything is possible!

Furnishing the kitchen with a studio apartment, a modest B&B, a student house or simply a small house can be a difficult task if you do not have the necessary materials, and that is why the mini-kitchens have proved over the years to be the best choice. Often similar to compact wardrobes, the mini-kitchens differ from traditional kitchens because of their small size and the high capacity to enclose in less than 2 meters of space everything you need to prepare a succulent dish of pasta or Sunday cake.
Having cleared the idea that they could only be suitable for contract and hotel environments (as they are often similar to monoblock kitchens), the mini kitchens have made their official entry into the world of furniture, becoming a valid alternative to the traditional kitchen as we imagine it. Yes, because it is not certain that the mini-kitchen is only an alternative in the absence of space: over time it has become a conscious choice of style and strong aesthetic impact, just look at the big brands that over the years have deepened and started production.

Not only living room: concealed mini-kitchens for the home office

Working from home has often become a custom, given the countless jobs that nowadays, thanks to the use of the web, allow it. However, there is not always a room reserved for this world, which can contain at the same time a bookcase or wall, a meeting table with chairs and PC workstations and a corner for conferences or fleeting meetings. Having a mini-kitchen allows you to solve most of the problems, because the same environment can be all at once. The hideaway mini kitchens, as well as the traditional mini kitchens with folding or rolling doors, are perfect because once they have been used, they disappear, leave no trace of their presence and become, to all intents and purposes, furnishing elements able to blend in with the rest of the environment. Having a mini-kitchen is not only an advantage in terms of space, but also reduces to the essential a piece of furniture that is not always central to a home, especially if it is modern and young. Then there are products that can contain, in just under 2 meters, even a bed, a wardrobe and a bookcase: we are talking about monoblock furniture, extremely compact as KITCHEN BOX signed by CLEI, master in combining multiple rooms in one, in the least possible space.

How to choose a mini kitchen? Selection Guide

Assuming that the choice has fallen on a mini-kitchen, you need to know how to choose from the countless models now on the market. This guide is intended to be a way to help you make the right decision, without sacrificing style and personality. First of all, depending on the space, the wall-mounted mini-kitchens are perfect to give airiness and less static environment. Often foldable, every time you stop using them you will need to lower a shelf to have a comfortable shelf to store frames and trays... a touch and here disappeared an unexpected kitchenette.
Choosing mini-kitchens with integrated lighting systems is another winning choice: the space is sometimes so limited that you run the risk of not having much visibility at the stove or on the worktop. Integrating LED strips can only be a good idea.
Another aspect to consider is its external finish, better if combined with the furniture placed in the room, so as to camouflage everything in a discreet and uniform way. Since almost all mini-kitchens can be made to measure, this is as obvious as it is necessary. Even the choice of materials is not trivial. On the market it is more common to find metal mini-kitchens rather than wooden mini-kitchens and in the choice of your own can only compete aesthetic taste and shape, proven that in both cases, the choice of material is a guarantee of success.

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