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The Fil Noir chairs take their name from thread – an unmistakable sign of continuity.‎
The thread, or tube, that actually makes up the body and substance of the chair – not only outlines its silhouette, but also supports and envelops it.‎
A thread that expresses a core decision in the choice of material.‎ Metal tubing painted matt black.‎ A choice of absolute austerity that is softened by the rings with polished Gold finish that set off the corners of the chair, adding a note of decorative contrast to the stark formality of the structure.‎
How to harmoniously blend form and function is the quest that led to the creation of a backrest with an enveloping shape and a comfortable seat, both with metal structure encased in polyurethane foam.‎
The internal cushion has a structure in flexible thermoformed material and polyurethane foam that lends added comfort to the backrest.‎  
Such painstaking construction details confirm the high degree of tailoring know-how achieved by the company over time and strengthen the perception of a product known for its high level of craftsmanship.‎
The Fil Noir little armchair has the same elegant design and enveloping shape as the eponymous armchair.‎
A little armchair that beautifully blends formal elegance and great comfort, thanks to its metal and polyurethane foam structure.‎ A cushion made of flexible thermoformed material and polyurethane foam lends additional softness to the backrest.‎
The padded structure rests on elegant, slender legs in matt Black painted metal tubing, embellished with details in polished Gold finish.‎

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Fil Noir Collection by Minotti
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