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SENDAI | Fabric easy chair By Minotti


Fabric easy chair

Manufacture year


Sendai is a fabric or leather easy chair.‎

Named after the city of trees, Sendai, this line of furnishing pieces consists of a small sofa, an armchair and dining and lounge small armchairs.‎ Like slender trunks, the elegant, polished legs, in Canaletto walnut solid wood stained Light Brown, or Liquorice lacquered ash, rest on the ground, lifting the enveloping upholstered body and creating a soft rhythm of vertical lines.‎ The possibility of having both the armchair and the dining and lounge small armchairs also in the 360° swivel version with return (base in polished Bronze-coloured varnished metal, with sheathed spokes in solid ash with an open-pore Liquorice-coloured lacquer, or in solid Canaletto walnut with Light Brown stain) makes the Sendai seats particularly comfortable for both residential and hospitality environments.‎ The compact and well-proportioned silhouette of both the seats and the small sofa, opens up to a new way of using the dining space: as a living room within the living room, a hybrid situation, such as when dinner is served on a large table, while guests meet and socialise round a lounge table.‎          A new, more intimate way of opening up new visual and proportional horizons of the living space, both in homes and in hospitality venues.‎

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Sendai Collection by Minotti
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