Wooden double bed

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Wooden double bed




The message that Mirabili intends to portay involves well-known artist and designers, selected for their particular gifts and their poetic world, lending an innovative and sensitive contribution to the cultural image of the habitat as “Art of Living”.‎ It is a collection which wants to communicate with art, by means of visions and emotions: a quality that justifies its meaningful presence in museums, art galleries and in collections of qualified collectors.‎

New free art is becoming an eeryday item, even though is it abstract and poetic; it is changeable in that is applied without prejudices and circulated without inibitions through living spaces.‎  
It corresponds ever more to the idea and ideals of need.‎
It enters dwellings not merely to be looked at, but also to interact in the life and with the wishes of people; not only to decorate but also to animate; it cannot be confined to a frame or a stand, and its challenge is to introduce fragments of aesthetic utopia beyond the temple of the Muses, into the home of man.‎
MIRABILI was created in the mid eighties as the synthesis of the experiences and perceptions of Sergio Cammilli, a protagonist of Italian design of the sixties.‎ Interaction with other experts and artists gave life to a theoretical, practical and productive laboratory, as an initial and highly original phenomenon in renewing the Art of Living with a modern feeling for the old.‎

"In Helioendimio, beyond the smiling crescent moon, the radiant sun’s gaze meets the eye of the creator who, at the same time, is both “divine” and profane, among the recurring symbols in the self-portrait.‎ It lights up and reflects its silky light in the turquoise “sky” of the Zodiac, which is both the Centre of a “baroque” infinity and the astral conjunction of opposites.‎ His irony, which I repeat, is the most kind and innocent of ironies, can only express itself in the naive madness of his visual imagination.‎ "
Giuliano Briganti

cm 200 x 215 x 184

Mirabili Arte d'Abitare Collection by Mirabili
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