Moab80 PREFINITO CEMENTO Prefinito Cemento® washbasin countertop


PREFINITO CEMENTO | Washbasin countertop By Moab80


Prefinito Cemento® washbasin countertop

Prefinito Cemento finished tops are made of multi-layer support material glued extra-thick with phenol adhesive, preformed to receive vessel or under-counter mount sinks, from 45 to 54 cm deep and length ranging from a minimum of 70 cm to a maximum of 260 cm.‎ These countertops are coordinated with the bathroom furniture of the Block2, Door and Zero20 line.‎

Prefinito Cemento finished applications are a unique proposal in the world of industrial bathroom solutions, in that they are furnishing elements over which the compound is applied, as if it were a second skin.‎ Prefinito Cemento is a cement and resin compound with a neutral and defined appearance.‎ It is the result of innovative technology and is a spatula-applied product providing a close-knit texture and natural finish with soft, “lunar” reflexes.‎ This project includes a wide range of elements, including the made to measure sink tops of the Block2 line coordinated with furniture, floor and wall covering slabs and with flush to floor shower trays.‎ The result is an exceptional integrated system that allows to create rarefied and refined atmospheres capable of exalting any other complementary furnishing elements, thus offering unequalled freedom in the matching of materials and colors.‎

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Prefinito Cemento Collection by Moab80
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