Moab80 BLOCK2 | Oak washbasin countertop

Single sawn oak natural washbasin countertop

  • Design by Gabriella Ciaschi, Studio Moab
  • Collection Block2
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BLOCK2 | Oak washbasin countertop


Single sawn oak natural washbasin countertop



BLOCK2 is a bathroom furniture program consisting in undertop and above inserted wash basins in combination with thick shelving system (H 6 / 12 cm) and base cabinets belonging to Moab product Series. The combination between tops and cabinets provides a wide rage of possible interior solutions. Double depth dimension tops (45 or 54 cm) available in the finishings: saw mark finish oakwood, Corian®, Laminato Liquido lacquer (water-proof and scratch-proof), or in Prefinito Cemento and Calce matchable with our flush to floor shower trays. Tops and cabinets are fittable with “Industrial Line” wash basins.

Composizion made with 140x45 cm GL oak wood top (B2S58) with undertop ceramic sink (B2L3.L).

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Block2 Collection by Moab80
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