Mobiltesino UR41 Aluminium and wood console sink


UR41 | Console sink By Mobiltesino


Aluminium and wood console sink

Manufacture year


UR41 is an aluminium and wood console sink.‎ The ‘metal grey’ powder coated aluminium structure distances the furniture piece from the ground, which remains suspended in space and contained within a frame with a strong chromatic recognizability.‎

Languages that exalt minimalistic beauty made of unique details.‎ Geometric shapes that produce a perfect compositional balance.‎ Materials that give refined chromatic effects.‎ This is URBAN+, the collection that embodies a new aesthetic vision of Mobiltesino, the result of an evolutionary path that began with Urban and that is now enhanced through a design proposal whose strengths are
minimalism and neutrality.‎ The aluminium structure of the base units becomes a distinctive feature of the project, a detail to affirm an idea of pure beauty, a style made of filled and empty spaces that enhances the image and creates a harmonious and ethereal vision of the bathroom.‎

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Urban + Collection by Mobiltesino
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