Modenese Gastone 12669 | Plant pot

Walnut plant pot

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12669 | Plant pot


Walnut plant pot



Casanova is a collection Modenese Gastone of classic furniture.‎ Classical Baroque of the XVIII century has formed the background of this collection.‎ This style was born on the territory of Rome in the times when luxury and refinement were nothing else but a lifestyle.‎ By its nature the furniture of this period is not heavy or massive - it’s a soft and refined Baroque.‎ The purpose of the Casanova collection is to bring harmony and comfort to the interior.‎ Inspired by the Italian history and classical Baroque our designers expanded and refreshed this style in the new collection with new finishes, fabrics and accessories, bringing a trace of charm and an irresistible appeal to the classic furniture.‎  
Finishings, colors and decors bring the real vital energy to the carved wooden items.‎ Using only natural paints, our decorative artists from the Venetian Academy of Arts enhance the beauty of our furniture with just a touch of their brush.‎
Decorating the furniture with fabrics using velvets, brocades, leathers, silks: it is always handmade process, as all the other production processes, and it is the final stage of creating a pure Made in Italy product: luxurious, stylish and of a certainly high quality.‎

Casanova Collection by Modenese Gastone
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