Modular Lighting Instruments DRUPL70 LED pendant lamp


DRUPL70 | Pendant lamp By Modular Lighting Instruments


LED pendant lamp

Glare-free continuous light - Sunlight shining through raindrops, creates eye-catching scenes.‎ The latest lighting solution, Drupl 70 is designed specifically for the office market.‎ The unique lenses, as an optical component combined with LED, guarantee a very low UGR.‎ Perfectly responding to the requirements of EN12464-1 for workstations.‎

Now available with a LED uplighter of 2000lm/m on top of the profile, next to the previously launched LED uplighter of 1000lm/m.‎ This uplight adds general lighting to the working light of profile.‎ There is no need anymore for extra general lighting luminaires in the room to complement the functional downlight of Drupl.‎

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Further details
TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE (for 1m profile – white structure – 3000K –
straight cover – lens 50°)

Luminaire efficiency — 106lm/W
Luminaire flux — 3392lm
Power consumption — 32W
UGR — 13
CRI — >80
Light spread — 50°
Binning — 3.5 SDCM
LED life cycle — 50000h/L70
Warranty — 5 year

DRUPL70 Collection by Modular Lighting Instruments
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