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Steel patio door

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MOGS 65 TT STEEL | Patio door


Steel patio door



Design Year

New Series Mogs 65 TT Steel
A series created to satisfy one of the most urgent request of contemporary architecture: that of being able to make window frames which are slender and minimal but in at the same time robust, thermal break, compatible with very thick glass, and allowing large dimensional fields.‎
Mogs 65 profiles are the top-of-the-range of Mogs production, boasting the largest thickness - in their category - and the smallest overall dimensions: tubulars of only 18 mm made from solid 2 mm thick sheets, with thermal break and depth from 65 to 72 mm, designed to achieve high moments of inertia and to accommodate the latest generation of insulating glass.‎
The new Mogs 65 TT series offers even greater thermal performance thanks to the polyamide 6.‎ 6 insulation core, which makes it suitable even in extreme weather conditions.‎ Also available in Cor-Ten steel and AISI 316L stainless steel, Mogs 65 TT allows the realization of huge openings with an extremely reduced visual dimensions, for a result of extraordinary elegance and lightness.‎

1.‎ 2 mm tubular profile in steel or galvanized steel with high moments of inertia
2.‎ Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
3.‎ External flush and internal overlapping sightlines
4.‎ Profiles accommodate high-performance glazing
5.‎ Optional kit for center gaskets
6.‎ High performance thermal barrier
7.‎ Wide range of square and angular glazing beads
8.‎ Wide range of accessories with visible and concealed hinges
9.‎ Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, tilt and turn windows, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, windows and doors opening inwards and outwards.‎

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Further details

Technical Features

18 mm tubular profile, the most streamlined in its class.
2. Extra deep (65-72 mm) to accommodate high-performance glazing.
3. 22 mm top supporting surface. If the window or door is being fitted in a subframe, the 22 mm top supporting surface helps hide the inevitable crack that forms on the edge of the plaster.
4. Innovative insulation system.
5. Ease of welding critical corner (“clean”edge, with no recesses that are difficult to weld).
6. Frame seal with vulcanized corners, providing extremely good weatherproofing to protect against water, air and wind.
7. Glazing seal vulcanized corners, hermetic seal on glass pane.
8. Option of making frame and hinged sash with same profile.
9. Gap between doors increased to 15 mm, allowing optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow.
10. Option of altering gap between profiles without ugly changes in the visible seal surface.
11. Safety tilt and turn hardware with “anti-condensation” system.
12. Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis.
13. Available in Mogs steel, Stainless steel and Cor-ten steel.
14. The only thermal insulated profiles with a real thickness of 2 mm.



Mogs 65® Collection by Mogs
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