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DOMINO.18 By Montis


Modular fabric sofa



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Dinner with friends.‎ A business meeting.‎ Playing a video game.‎ The architectural modules of the Domino.‎18 are the building blocks for any and all occasions.‎ Arrange (and rearrange) them in whatever way you like.‎ Play with three different heights and create your own skyline.‎ The supple upholstery adds some royal flair to this understated design, an effect that can be accentuated by your choice of fabric.‎
All blocks offer the same amount of comfort, all the way around.‎ For example, you can build a lounge or TV corner at the front, and a place to read, dine or work at the back.‎ The generous seats, triangular cushions and optional wide armrest provide ultimate support at any time – even for your tray or laptop.‎ Having a family dinner? Just pull up the higher blocks.‎ The Domino.‎18 is just as dynamic as life itself.‎

The seats are available in multiple heights and seat depths.‎ High seats are suitable for use at a dining table.‎ The seats consist of a wooden frame with no-sag springs and a seat cushion of multiple layers of HR foam and a top of memory foam and 200 grams Dacron.‎ This combination makes the seat very soft on top, with also a good seat support.‎ The foam is build up symmetrically (no front and back).‎ This enlarges the modularity of DOMINO.‎18.‎

The black plastic legs are mounted below the elements and are barely visible.‎ All seats  are also available with wheels (+price).‎ The wheels roll free when they are not loaded.‎ When loaded, they block and do not move.‎ Both legs and wheels are available at 60mm (default height for DOMINO.‎18) and 75 mm height.‎

Both arm and back are made of a wooden frame, covered in multible layers of HR foam and 200 grams Dacron.‎ Back and arm are symmetrical, so that they can be used as a support from both sides.‎ The back has an extra soft top whereby a fairly good
comfort can be reached with the use of only a low cushion.‎

The triangular shape make the cushions stand stronger, causing them to slide less.‎
They also give an extra support in the lower back, which gives a high level of comfort.‎ The low versions are a playfull variation and can be used next to the arm
rests or in the smaller seats.‎ The filling of both versions are made of 100%feather.‎

The elements can be connected by the customer, with a connection system at the bottom of the couch.‎ The connection can be relocated by the customer, making the DOMINO.‎18 a very flexible couch.‎

The upholstering of DOMINO.‎18 is rich and nonchalant.‎

Further info from manufacturer on DOMINO.18 Montis

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